Transfer Merry Go Round

Word on the street this morning was that Ryan Taylor and Nicky Maynard were both likely to sign deals with the club to make them the newest Nottingham Forest players.

This would bring the squad up to 24 senior professionals, and therefore having to remove players before bringing in new ones. Despite if these 2 sign they not fitting the traditional criteria of having played x games for the club, as new signings they immediately get listed as established professionals.

With 24 players, that’d mean fringe squad players who the manager doesn’t want will more likely than ever be shipped out. So the likes of McLaughlin will possibly now be offered for free to clubs in attempts to free up squad places.

Southend are known admirers and Forest may seek to move the Irishman on sooner rather than later. There are also suggestions that with Andy Reid remaining unfit, and as previously reported, the club may seek to have him medically retired in a move that’d free up a squad berth, result in insurance funds rather than paying off his deal, and give Reid access to PFA assistance.

Majewski, Blackstock, and of course Abdoun will also be players the club desperately tries to get rid of to free up squad berths. So expect maybe a couple of deals on the cheap for fringe players, that then inflame some fans who see them as worth more. Players’ values are currently inconsequential. It’ll be more like American Sporting trades and suchlike. Where we trade a player out for next to nothing to enable us to bring in a free transfer. It means I expect cheap outs for Majewski and Blackstock if we have further targets to bring in. And that’s how it will remain. One in, one out.