Lansbury Transfer Confusion

Henri Lansbury
Earlier today came the news that Burnley had offered for Lansbury but that the deal wasn't near the valuation Forest had of the former Arsenal man.

This evening comes the news that a deal might be on and that it meets a release clause Lansbury had in his contract.

Now some seem to get confused about what this means and that we should refuse the offer, which we can;t. Its a contractual obligation to allow Henri to speak to a club that would agree that fee. Henri would then have to agree terms with Burnley about a deal, which is not certain in any way shape or form. That amount is supposed to be £2.5mill. And the deal is rumoured to include Lukasz Jutkiwicz coming this way.

Now the key part is if this release clause does exist. This is Twitter and the Internet afterall. This is the first I have heard of a release clause, which if it exists was surely designed as a get out if Forest didn't go up, as of course we didn't.

Last summer when the gossip was on about Lansbury going to Burnley when they were oin the Premier League, we here talked about how the deal agreed surely just meant an extra year out of Lansbury whilst ensuring a transfer fee rather than losing him for free or a pittance. That article is here Lansbury last summer link

Lansbury signed a 3 year deal last year. That means he has two years left on his deal. The last chance for a decent price before that plummets. Now under embargo transfer fees are pointless discussing, because we can't reinvest. If this release clause doesn't exist then we don;t sell, simple as. If it does, well its down to henri and where he see's his ambitions and what Burnly offer him financially and career wise. They have just come from the Premier League. This could be agent talk to inspire a lower Premier Club to think about offering. Think Aston Villa for example.

Last summer it took a lot to get Henri to sign. Fawaz had spoken the offer was on the table and it was upto Henri. My thoughts then were the club said stay one more year and if we don;t go up, you can go, and so a relatively lower release clause would have been inserted to allow for that. Well it seems that promise last year has possibly come to haunt us, but without that Lansbuty may never have signed that extended deal, and instead he'd have one year left on his deal and we'd be talking a 6 figure transfer fee.

Whatever happens, its pointless getting angry. Its out of our hands. Henri will probably go, and fans tweeting crap at him on twitter won;t help. He's a talented play no matter what you say. And to lose him greatly weakens out squad.

**UPDATE** That release clause applies apparently only to Premiership clubs. So Burnley may have been misinformed on his availability. Or its agent talk to flush out an offer.

Other news is that the release clause may be higher.