Fawaz and Twitter...Again

A number of fans are again bemoaning Fawaz. He has just posted a picture of Bobby Zamora to Derby fans. Many have this unprofessional and stupid. It of course is, but that’s a very straight forward view.

I’m being clear from the outset here. I don’t condone what he’s doing; neither am I one of these fans who calls Fawaz a “lad” and applaud his “banter”. I think it’s all rather childish.

One the one hand the business man who is chairman should show some decorum and respect online. And yet had this been a player, or a prominent fan (let’s say Lee Westwood for arguments sake) had done this fans would be applauding and laughing. So why is there a line?

After all let’s be honest we all know that Derby fans will be posting and tweeting stuff at Fawaz which would make horrific reading. I’d hate to see a day of his @’s, especially just after signing an ex Derby player.

Fawaz after all is human. Humans react, especially if you’d gotten a barrage of tweets, you’d probably think I’ll show them” and react without really thinking through.

And that’s the issue, he doesn’t always think through the bigger picture especially when it comes to his Twitter handli
ngs of fans.

Thing is a lot of people include him into the message. Then get all high and mighty when he reacts. So why include his @ into the message if you then want to vilify him for responding. Its bizarre behaviour in the very least. It’s like ‘I want to tell you my views on a media form that encourages interaction, but I in no way expect you to interact.”

Now again, I’m not condoning him wading in. My preference would be for him to sit aloof. He gets dragged in because Derby fans know he’s good value for getting dragged in, but when someone can sit there on Twitter and basically call your entire character into question and you’re not allowed to react, well that’s ridiculous. That’s why someone in his position shouldn’t be on there. For all the wonderful interactions with fans, one bad day can undo all the good with simple throwaway comments.

Remember last season when a fan called Fawaz into question and he all but hinted at walking away? Its stuff like that. Please Fawaz, just get on with running the club, rather than trying to be a man of the people.