5 Points Forest Need to Address to progress

I am not as arrogant or naïve as to start sending my ideas direct to Fawaz. He’s a grown up, a business man and he’s in charge. I still trust ultimately he will make the right decisions for Nottingham Forest. After all the current predicament isn’t that he’s left us with no money. More that he’s spent badly (and been advised badly) and left us in tricky situations through over spend.
But here are 5 points that need to adhered to.

1. Its going to be a difficult season. Most fans realise that we probably won’t be up top. But neither with the players we have should we be struggling. Ergo keep faith with the manager. See one through for longer than 6 months, and only really change if we look like we are in desperate trouble. Don’t listen to fans calls.

2. A proper wage structure is needed, rather than paying stupid wages for players who then fail to deliver and saddle us with toxic assets. There are, I believe, a few players on £20k+ a week contracts. Top performing players need to be rewarded, and players out of the squad on huge wages need to be jettisoned. Abdoun, Wilson etc. How does it encourage players on lower wages to perform if they have much higher paid peers doing nothing.

3. Fawaz: Get off Twitter. Its been nice having a chairman on there but now it creates problems for fans who feel they can approach you on there. And when you snappily react to some idiotic 16 year old it goes viral and looks bad.

4. Loans for the benefit of Forest. Gary Gardner was a success. Chuba Akpom and Todd Kane were not. Loaning Premiership youngsters who are inexperienced is a gamble. We need to loan players hungry for Football, not whose parent club want them to go for experience. These guys don’t give a toss. Surely giving our youth a chance is better, it made Osborn blossom, maybe it could for Burke, Walker and Riera.

5. Keep Antonio. The temptation to cash in might be high, but he has two things its hard to set up against. Power and Pace. He should remain a prominent player for Forest. The horror if we turn down big cash offers and his form slump would be bad, but we need to at least hold out till January.