Veldwijk Future in Doubt

Lars Veldwijk is attracting attention. Clubs are circling the big Dutchman following from his frustrating year Trentside. PEC Zwolle are being linked as well as Brentford’s name being mentioned due to Excelsior’s manager moving there who used to manage Veldwijk.

Needless to say Lars would be looking for some football. His big move hasn’t worked out for him, and after he gained the chance to shine he found himself even further down the pecking order at Forest after Tyler Walkers emergence.

But if clubs are holding Veldwijk in demand, then surely we can recoup some of the fee spent, unless clubs feel they can get him on the cheap. He was always regarded as a longer term project, but it just seems that with a managerial change and change in clubs focus he has found himself out of the loop.

The giant Dutchman could be a target for a loan, but that doesn’t achieve much. His wages won’t be exceptional so he’s a handy player to have around and being limited in what we can do in the market makes him a slightly useful figure especially with Assombalonga out. But that cheapness also means he’s replaceable. For what we can afford to bring in, he can be replaced unlike a player on a higher wage, and although we want to keep wages under control any decent free transfer at this level would achieve as much.

It’s a shame the Veldwijk experiment hasn’t worked. Plucking a player from relative obscurity to take a punt on. But it was a risk as the Dutch second flight isn’t exactly the greatest division. Veldwijk should maybe be given a little longer, but the move may well have soured and he may want to return to Holland and try his hand elsewhere. I was surprised we didn’t try and loan him to a League 2 club to get his form back at the back end of last season.

If we can recoup some of the fee I think its best we draw a line under Lars time here. Dougie clearly doesn’t rate him. But then strikers who get pushed to the side at other clubs then come good as they have more to prove.

Either way Lars is likely to have a big choice soon for a big man. Stick or twist.