Mackie Departure

Jamie Mackies departure from Forest has caused some fans to question the sense of letting players go when we are under embargo. That’s potentially a valid point, but forgets to factor in a much wider picture.

Under the rules of FFP, people seem to focus more on the transfer fees aspect. That x amount spent means that’s the expenditure and that what needs to be reduced. If the rumours of Mackies wage packet are correct (circa £25k per week) then that’s a £1.3 mill saving for the year towards FFP, which goes a long way to getting back on target. To carry on paying those wages would mean that those books would need balancing elsewhere.

The more naïve fan has questioned the sense in letting him go for free when under contract. Surely we should get a fee otherwise why let him go. But that letting him leave is saving the club cash. If QPR had to find a fee as well it might well have put them off and therefore we not saved the cash. Mackie had one year left, the fee may have been a few hundred thousand, but it’s the difference between freeing ourselves of a toxic asset and having to agree a fee whereby we pay some of his wages for the remainder of his contract.

I liked Mackie. I thought he was a good honest pro and by god he was a tryer. But some fans just don’t accept tryers and feel every attacking player needs flair and pazzazz. Abdoun is like the oppositite of Mackie and yet both are in the same boat. Toxic wages we are desperate to offload to save cash on FFP, so that we can free ourselves of the embargo. Because carrying on paying these wages would mean selling players to balance books. Between the pair of them we could save £2.5 mill by them just not being here. Of the £22mill losses we announced, most was from a wage perspective, so if the wage bill amounts to over £20mill plus that that’s 1/10 th of the amount on two players regarded as surplus. You can’t argue at that value.

So his departure may on the one hand mean less senior pros on the one hand. But on the other its a step towards balancing the books and having a squad with more value per capita.