The Curious Case of Jamie Ward

Forest seems to be on the cusp of their first transfer of the close season. Usually an event of significance, it instead has bought the rancour of those on Twitter. Ever the barometer of the extremes of opinion the decision to sign Ward has upset a large number.

Now any Derby to Forest transfer will always be met with anger and derision. Those claiming we don’t need their players or cast offs (May I remind they finished above for the last 2 seasons, it’s not as if we are taking Rotherham’s reserves) and that he is one of those players who always seem to do well against us. Furthermore we hardly in a position to be picky. I don’t like Ward very much either. His previous actions have been extremely distasteful, but he is only trying to do right by his then club. Is that actually such a bad thing?

Furthermore is a furore over the supposed details of the contract. Since FFP and with all the Fawaz dealings in the past, fans put all of the elements under immense scrutiny. So people are analysing details of contracts in ways we have never seen, and deciding they are experts on the matter. I’m seeing people who look one or two rungs below average on the evolutionary ladder decrying the deal. It’s a free transfer; wages always come at a premium.

And people don’t know the details of the negotiations. Ward may have insisted on a longer deal and it was being offered elsewhere so we had to accept. There’s the element that everyone merely just accepts the first rumoured length they hear and it becomes gospel. People are often idiots. A guy sat behind me one game decided to tell everyone he couldn’t believe Fox was on £40k a week, (here’s a clue, he clearly isn’t) but that doesn’t stop people perpetuating myths they heard. That then spreads till have the crowed thinks Fox is on £40k a week. Again he isn’t and if you believe this, you are stupid.

As I say, because of all the previous mishaps and shenanigans, everyone is to ready to believe that Fawaz has messed up so the worst case scenario is touted as the actual scenario. I feel sorry for Fawaz in this regard. Fans cried out for a chairman who speaks to them. They got one and now they call him unprofessional.

Ward is a handy player. Of that there is no doubt. Forget what he did for derby, forget the snide little sod he was and remember this. We don’t have of those players, and as much as you moan or complain that we aren’t a club that needs one, EVERY club needs one. The last time we had one was Joe Garner. If Ward grabs a few goals people will forget. If he does a Matty Fryatt people will play the told you so game (that no one does with Fryatt incidentally – why does no one moan about his goals per wage ratio, which will be much higher)

Get over it. If he signs. Cheer him on and stop being so god damn precious.