He Who Shouts Loudest

There seems to be an increase in the number of Twitter accounts and suchlike of people claiming to represent the fans. The type of page who tweets directly at Fawaz and makes demands saying things like “We have had enough.” Or suchlike. Wanting talks with Fawaz, it’s simply laughable to be honest.

I know what they want to achieve, but these are people who must be incredibly naïve. Whilst also having incredible chutzpah. I’ll tell you why. They say they will speak on behalf of fans and raise views. Noble. But indeed how noble? What if I were to raise issues that these self anointed spokesperson disagreed with? I would hazard they woulnd’t raise the issues, because why would they. SO in that regard they wouldn’t speak for fans.

Also again, I understand why they conduct these actions in public. They claim they want transparency. Again, very noble. My immediate thoughts are though that they do it for attention. I understand both sides, they want to be seen doing something and show people look, we have made requests. But by the same counter its all posturing.

And what if Fawaz decides to meet them? No doubt they will make an attempt at looking the part, but really what do they expect? Again I suggest it’s mostly selfish reasons. It might not be, many noble gestures come out of something that immediately looks like a selfish craving, but Fawaz is hardly a Mike Ashley figure. He’s attempted various things to appease fans. Some are just never happy.

The idea as well that they have manifestos where they detail what they believe the club should do. Great, but why do they feel they are the first to think it? Maybe the club have tried or wanted to do such things.

One complaint is the ground. A ground is no matter what these groups agenda states is largely fit for purpose. People just want something to grasp to. The old rumour the Brian Clough stand was only designed for 30 years service for instance. Complete folly that’s trotted out by conspiracy theorists. They always wanted the Trent End cleaning, Fawaz did that. Now they appear to want other things, where does it end? This is my issue, give people and inch, they will probably want to take a mile.

We have the Supporters Club for this, a group much bigger with more members than these accounts. Admittedly run like an old boys club, but issues would ideally be raised through them. Not a will nilly pack of fan vigilantes making up demands on the back of a fag packet. This is where social media is dangerous, people get extremely heightened sense of importance, specially hiding behind the anonymity of an account (and yes ironic I do that too)

I’m not saying don’t try and have a voice. Far from it. I’m glad that people motivated. Its more their methods and how they go about it. They try and cultivate this whole mentality that their ideas are the only ones. Using the same language they read on political pamphlets, this is football not the general election. That what they bring are definitive solutions to a question that doesn’t really exist. As I say, Fawaz may get things wrong, but he’s not some ropey chairman. He’s not the Oystons, out to take the money and run, he’s invested more than he’ll ever get back. More money than you or I would put in. To say I’ve put my money I have a right to say is laughable. Fawaz has put in a lot more than you. A lot more.

Basically I don't understand fans demanding things of the club with a sense of self importance, and declaring that they speak for me, when they don't/