Are Forest About to Drop a Reid Bombshell

Andy Reid
So a rumour doing the rounds, and I stress rumour, is that when the long delayed retained/released list comes out Mr Andrew Reid’s name will be included. With a finite limit on senior squad players Reid might well be regarded surplus to requirements.

Now one reason given and the much more likely is that Reid’s injuries have taken their toll on a 32 year old that, when the season starts will be 33, and hasn’t always had the best physique. That has taken its toll and the thought process here gets a little muddy. On the one hand it seems maybe his injuries are worse than anticipated and that the club are willing to release him to free up squad space, and all important wages. What’s the sticking point is what we pay Reidy off and how. The rules with this in FFP suggest that’d be more unlikely.

Another possibility is that and again, this is all conjecture I have seen elsewhere, is that Reid has an automatic renewal kicks in after so many games. If Reid plays a few games he gets a new deal and the club get saddled with a player with questionable injury record for another year. Bear in mind Reid’s wages are anticipated to be at the higher end of the clubs wage structure.

Another thing I saw, I think on Vital, so make of that what you will, is that the club may be seeking to get him retired off on medical grounds.  This was an injury that never seemed bad but has kept the Irish man out since September. That’s more than your average groin injury will do. And some have said the club have not revealed the full extent of the injuries, but will seek to see Reid retire to get the Insurance money, which would avoid a large payoff but also allow under FFP the chance to reinvest those wages. I’m not sure again the rules on players forced to retire under FFP and what happens in wage structures, but it’s a rumour that although has no grounds, feels more than a little likely.

Then there’s the old rumours about Reid and what went down to because potential divisive ruptures in the dressing room. I think most know these rumours and due to potential libellous reasons I won’t spell them out, but the club might be seeking to keep other players sweet by shifting on Reid in whatever way possible.
Reid hasn;t played since September

So make of that what you will. It boils down to the club thinking he is a spent force and wanting him off the wage bill. A 33 year old who has spent 9 months out injured is always going to struggle to reach the old heights, even if he’s looked after himself.

The essence is, a lot of people think that the no. 11 shirt is up for grabs next season.