The Next 5 Games - Vital in Playoff Chase For All

It’s all well and good looking at the points tally, and the games remaining and doing all sorts of mental arithmetic about whether it is possible. It is in that regard. With a still sizable number of games left and jittery nervous teams desperate to not lose their games as other teams tread on their toes, all sorts of things could happen. And it may be a lot of points to over haul, but it can be done and has been done before, hell, it will be done again. But is it achievable in the here and now? Do we have the right games left? Do the other sides have similar games?
The usual game of predicting our results and other teams results is almost redundant. Form is rapidly going out of the window. Our form radically improved. Other teams like Bournemouth and Middlesbrough form is wavering (admittedly Bournemouth had a wonderful win against Fulham) so its almost impossible to predict.

Middlesbrough v Ipswich
Bournemouth v Blackpool
Brentford v Cardiff
Brighton v Wolves
Leeds v Nottm Forest
Norwich v Derby
Watford v Reading

This week there are a couple of promotion chasing sides up against each other to cancel each other out Obviously Middlesbrough v Ipswich. For the sake of this argument we want Middlesbrough to win, as Ipswich need to be caught and passed to reach the playoffs more than Boro are necessary. A draw might even be best, but every point counts. Lets hope Boro win and trip up Ipswich. Norwich v Derby should be a game that is of milder concern. Both should, and I stress should, be out of our reach. However if one loses, they become a blip on the edge of the radar. Wolves going to Brighton won’t be easy, but the assumption really is everyone should in theor win. It probably won’t turn out like that though.

Then theres a full midweek array of fixtures
Blackburn V Brentford
Cardiff V Bournemouth
Derby V Middlesbrough
Huddersfield V Norwich
Ipswich V Bolton
Wigan V Watford
Wolves V Sheff Wed
Nottm Forest V Rotherham

So bare in mind Derby played Middlesbrough both will have had games against promotion rivals and now face each other. They could now have dropped 6 points, or easily 4 by this point. That would make either a bigger blip on the radar. Brentord and Bournemouth have trickier away games, as do Norwich. By this stage things may well be shaking out more, or like the past few weeks, bunching up even more if the teams playing each other lose. Hell the chasing teams might well be joining that bunch. Wolves should beat Wednesday, and Ipswich would be looking to beat Bolton.

The following weekends fixtures are as follows
Wolves V Derby
Bournemouth V Middlesbrough
Brentford V Millwall
Norwich V Nottm Forest
Watford V Ipswich

So there is a huge week, where it looks like a lot of what will ultimately start to finally decide the chase. With all but one of the Promotion chasing 9 teams facing each other it’s a stellar day for the Promotion push. Brentford will face strugglers Millwall and possibly pull away from the 3 chasing teams all of whom have very hard games against the top sides. One has to presume the top sides get wins, and the gap could open again. Brentford, might well with their run of games find themselves up to 4th or 5th, and we are chasing the next side up. Which makes life a little harder. On the other hand nothing in Football is that simple. This weekend will influence the season like no other, unless everyone simply draws of course. But it leaves a game less to catch the rest up.

Easter is as follows

Good Friday / Easter Saturday
Brighton V Norwich
Fulham V Brentford
Middlesbrough V Wigan
Nottm Forest V Wolves
Ipswich V Bournemouth
Derby V Watford

East Monday
Watford V Middlesbrough
Bournemouth V Birmingham
Brentford V Nottm Forest
Huddersfield V Ipswich
Norwich V Sheff Wed
Wigan V Derby
Wolves V Leeds

Two humongous games back to back. Wolves have to be beaten to catch them and ultimately pass them. Whilst the e Brentford game is key as they currently hold the magical 6th spot. Plus also with their relatively easy run in, a chance to take points off them in general would help no end. Theres 2 big games that weekend in Ipswich v Bournemouth and Derby v Watford. Additionally Watford v Boro later in the weekend is huge. There are the e usual array of teams with tricky away games. which are hard to predict.

By this stage there will be a greater idea of where we are. My thoughts are that it will remain tight. Teams keep playing each other which will see teams falling over each other. If after 5 more games we have 6 or less points to collect we have done very well. we have such huge games. We are bound to not win them all. But it depends what the others do.