Tesche Departs

Today came the surprising news that Robert Tesche has been moved out on loan for the rest of the season to Birmingham. Now Tesche had clearly not been in the forefront of Dougie's mind as he had been jettisoned from the match day squad, but Tesche hadn’t played badly at all.

So what is it Dougie doesn’t like about the German. He said in his own words this week he had been training well, but that other players simply fitted what he wanted better, in terms of Lansbury and Osborn. He also said the door wasn’t closed on him getting in the team. Yet then promptly loans him out.

One assumes such a move will pretty much signal his contract won’t be renewed either. And that a player that for me looked good, and had certain qualities will be moved on. Now I for one am not going to doubt Dougie, he has got everything else spot on so far, but this one just puzzles me. Unless of course there’s something more to this. Something we don’t know about. In the same way Pearce seemed to not want Vaughan and didn’t have him in squads, he has come back into the reckoning at least on the bench. It’s also the case that there simply isn’t a place in the side for him. And if that’s the case and Dougie wants some wriggle room in terms of loans, he’s freed up a squad berth that can be used.

By now Freedman will have a better idea of his players. Who he thinks is good enough, and who isn’t. So now perhaps he will cover for where he thinks we need it. The thing is, after his run of form, there is little scope for improvement. Would a new player upset the apple cart?

Either way I am slightly disappointed to see the German leave. I think he offered a lot. But then once he started coming into the team results suffered. It’s not as if it was his fault. It’s just a coincidence. But as I say. Right now Freedman has earned a free pass on one or two eye raising decisions. And it’s not as if we’ve let a world beater leave. Tesche was a solid competent player if nothing else. Not a flair player, not a match winner, but honest handy cover for if we need him. I wish him all the best.