The End of Stuart Pearce

And so what has looked obvious to the rest of the footballing world, Pearce will no longer be manager after meeting with Fawaz today. With a record that any other man would have been removed long ago, finally his tenure has ended.

I apologise if that sounds somewhat happy. It is not happy statement. However one has to accept things have not been acceptable.  3 wins in 23 is not acceptable to any team. It is not acceptable to a team with a low budget. We are one of the big spenders. We can’t be struggling.

A friend of mine has been quite ardent in his support of Pearce. Claiming we are still top half and that therefore things are fine. However, we only 7 points above relegation, far closer than to the playoffs. It is frankly not acceptable, and things continued relegation would start to look likely.

It pains me; Pearce is about as close to the archetype club legend as you could get in Football. However things have just, well, crumbled. What doesn’t help is the awful brand of football being served up. And things have not been improving. Save for the Derby win, it’s been 3-4 months of awfulness.

And yet the fans remained on side, because with Pearce you have to. You can’t lose faith in the man. But part of me is happy it’s happened, because had things got worse it would horrible to see abject failure. Instead we have just moderate failure. But failure it is.

We should be challenging at the top. But we aren’t. Selections puzzle. Left wingers at left back instead of full backs. Antonio up front, despite it never working. Injuries have robbed us of top players, but this happens in football.

In essence it will probably see an end to Pearce managerial career. He is remembered for odd decisions, but at least he took risks. You don’t get anywhere if you don’t. I will lament his dismissal, but if this was any other human on planet earth, we’d have been screaming for him to be sacked weeks ago.

Thanks Stuart, you gave it a go. And now we know forever that we did try, and it didn’t work.