Reading Way Too Much into Players Tweets?

I've seen a few things said about a Tweet from Henri Lansbury, where just after Pearce's removal as manager he posted he was downloading ministry of sound and party tunes for the dressing room.

Some people were angry

Whether it’s a less hidden message surrounding "party" tunes that the manager has gone. That the players are happy. Or whether it’s a perception that it’s a style of music that its commonly known Pearce isn't a fan of, people are reading an awful lot into a message.

Should we though
Well, its clearly been put out there at a sensitive time for the team. I don't think the timing can be ignored at all. But its context can be weighed up in different ways.

As pointed out, is it a simple message saying, hey guys, the gaffers gone, we can change the tunes on the match day stereo, I've got it sorted, and its all rather flippant. If so it's still extremely silly and insensitive. He knows fans will see and read a lot into it.

Or is it a loaded message. We can get the dressing room back, hooray Pearce has gone, lets get back to how things were.

If flippant it still illustrates problems. In so far as the players have a disconnect from reality. A managers departure shouldn't signify, well maybe we can some music I like on the bus/dressing room stereo. You see enough players walking round on footage in huge headphones to know they have that chance.

However it signify a disconnect between management and player. Almost a resentment that musically things were dictated and it created a bad feeling right before kick off.

Maybe there's a lot of lines being drawn that simply don't exist. Maybe simply Henri just fancied a change of tunes. There's no been no Pearce control, that this is not protest or that a sign of freedom. Maybe. Just maybe, they want a change. In music that is. Managerial change is out of their hands... Isn't it?

Anyway, yeah, some fans are crazy and think anything means something.