Perfect Start To Dougie Regime

When you've been on a run like we have, any win is a wonderful win. No matter the circumstance of by being lucky. That’s why this for me is wonderful. We took the lead and rode our luck. When previously that luck would have failed.

After a week of a lot of turmoil, it was good for a win to settle the ship. A manager gone, questions again over finances, the CEO jumping ship, and the questionable tweet from Fawaz he has now distanced himself from all added up to create a melting pot we really didn't need.

He wasn't a popular choice, but Freedman is the manager now, we have to get on with it. The way some fans carried on was as if it had been a personal affront by Fawaz. People openly questioning his intelligence and sanity, when frankly when you look at the timelines on Twitter or Facebook, are shown to be borderline psychotic.

But the Brighton win means we don’t start on that kind of negative start where fans play the “told you so” game like you see so many “experts” and top people on Twitter do straight away. Instead he’s already improved on the status quo. Time to keep that upward trajectory going, and keep the Twitter trolls at bay.

I've said it countless times on here, the modern age means everyone feels they have a valid opinion that HAS to be heard loudest. And directly to Fawaz. The tweet that caused the problem was probably the tip of the iceberg. I'd hate to have seen his inbox. I don’t understand why people feel the necessity to do this. Direct their abuse to Fawaz. I'd guarantee they wouldn't do it face to face.

The money has Fawaz has invested in the club should be enough, but as with Doughty, someone always wants more. And like Doughty, the sheer nuisance of background noise may force eventually Fawaz to think "I've had enough". I think that his tweet response was in that regard, more a warning shot, but he misjudged how it would play out, with the mainstream media picking up on it.

The fans are ridiculous at times. They clamoured for more communication from the board in the Mark Arthur / Nigel Doughty days. When it came in the form of Doughty joining Twitter, he was quickly hounded back off again by the cloud of idiots blathering nonsense and abuse. A small percentage Derby fans pretending, but the majority idiotic fans with heightened senses of entitlement.

So we now go in to 2 further games we should win against the sides currently cut adrift in the Championship. This is Forest though, things are rarely so easy. But, if we do win both, as on paper we should, and we start taking a 100% win ratio under Dougie into games and maybe a new found confidence it all bodes well. That’s another article for another day though. In a few short hours that could all been undone again.

Its funny how one win makes the world seem different, and with a fresh breath of air around. Pearce will always be a hero, but things had to change. Had we lost on Saturday then the league position and points tally would be precariously close to relegation. Instead we remain top half and could go top 10. And although the playoffs are out of reach... there’s always that hope. Until it’s impossible, it’s always possible. Schrodinger’s Playoffs. We could be in the playoffs till we definitely aren't.