Opinion Split on Bournemouth Clash

There has been a difference of opinion I have seen amongst fans about this Bournemouth match. Those who think it’s a great time to face the Cherries, and those who think it could be the worse.

Those who say the best time because they are on a short run of bad results. Confidence might be low, and we all know how despite flying high and seeming unstoppable, a short spell of bad form can quickly escalate. The same people also somewhat dangerously suggest Bournemouth are punching above their weight and a subsequent fall from grace is predictable.

Now that’s somewhat narrow minded. You don't make it to February in the promotion chase by accident. The Cherries are a very good team, but as people have said they might be having crises of confidence. That instead of charging into games they are stuttering.

The other side is that Bournemouth now have everything to prove. Everyone else won, thy have to match it to stop falling behind the pack. If they fail to win, they will be in fourth, but right in the Playoffs pack, rather than leading it. Incentive enough to get a win and get their promotion push back on track.

Furthermore will be a desire to stop the likes of us gaining ground. A few more dropped points here and there and teams with slim playoffs hopes will start to smell blood. A win today would alleviate those worries a great deal, where the panic really sets in.

What is clear is that we won’t like last season underestimate Bournemouth. I've mentioned that ill-advised article in the Post last season before the match with Bournemouth which backfired. Incidentally the "character" that wrote the article hasn't been seen again, though I always had my suspicions that the one guy who fiercely defended it on Twitter was the author)

This time we are possibly the under dog. That’s fine, we seem to perform better in those games, and especially against teams who are less direct. Therefore we stand as good a chance as not to win, even more so with the two teams relative form going in opposite directions. A month ago this would be a foregone conclusion, now who knows?

Either way it will be a good battle between two teams keen to prove a point. The Cherries desperate to get back to the higher reaches. And Forest to make sure those playoffs dreams, though remote, remain visible on the horizon.