Abdoun Finally Does One

Djamel Abdoun has finally stopped sitting on his arse for a living and has moved to Belgian club Lokeren on a loan deal. With a view to a permanent move.

The French born Algerian has been a fringe figure since last season after Gary Brazil ostracised him. Reportedly for a bad attitude, and for the sake of dressing room harmony, it has taken nearly a year to find a home for the mis fit

There are numerous unsubstantiated reports that he was widely disliked in the dressing room. A mixture of jealousy over pay, versus what his perceived output was for that money. Players were understandably peeved they earned less for doing more.

And yet there are fans annoyed by this. Some, because of the lack of form have suggested he should have been used. That its stupid. That when they saw him he looked good. Well, if they watched more gams than the TV ones and specifically the West Ham cup game maybe they'd understand that he was just not a team players.

Abdoun at times seem to think why do the simple, when I can showboat to do it, and this often caused problems if he misplaced the pass or the trick failed. There were days in bad weather you could tell he simply didn't want to be there. When form is struggling, you don't need aesthetic players. You need hard work and quality.

He is synonymous with a period where a lot was wring with Forest. The chairman buying players he wanted. Money being thrown around with abandon. No balance or cohesion to the squad.

But now he is gone. It might mean a little more squad happiness. No anger that a free loader earns so much. But it'll probably have little to no impact. But is a phase of history done with.