Is The Unthinkable Becoming Thinkable

It’s a sorry state of affairs that has led to here. Awful form, couple with awful football has seen Forest now closer points wise to relegation than the playoffs. After outspending all our rivals, and starting so well it's embarrassing. Pearce has arguably the strongest Forest squad in over a decade to choose from yet we toil and struggle away. This culminated in red faced defeat to Rochdale in the cup at the weekend.

Make no mistake, had this been anyone else at the helm, the clamour to have them removed would be deafening. Fawaz has sacked managers for less, and Pearce contends his reputation is shielding players from abuse. The fans still chant his name at games, but its more a forlorn show of support to a beleaguered legend, so Fawaz knows we love him. 

And surely that ever so itchy trigger finger of Fawaz must be quivering like mad. As said previous managers have gone in better positions and on better form. O'Driscoll had us on the brink of the playoffs before being removed, with fans having played a part. So the comparison is interesting that with fan support Fawaz remains for now unmoved.

Should Sheffield Wednesday win on Saturday however, then the managerial position would be all but untenable. Any other manager would and possibly should have gone (though I am now advocate of sacking managers willy nilly)

And yet here we are, the fact this is even a debate speaks of the hold Pearce has over us fans. We won't lose faith in him, despite all evidence appearing to the contrary. He retains a decent core of fans, with all but the most ardent nay sayers wanting him out. And god forbid any fan chant for his head at games. I'd fear for their lives.

Saturday for me remains make or break. I am one who retains belief, but its painful to see your heroes bought into perspective. For all his gifts as a player, Pearce at the moment seems a limited manager and coach. I hope he proves me wrong, but right now I'm seeing a childhood hero fail miserably. Its not nice.