Data Visualisation : Win Stats and Player Stats

Following from the graphs last week that detailed overall team level stats, we now start drilling down to player level stats, and looking at the graphs and patterns that some may show.

An easy look at a graph that amalgamates all the player mins played (and for the process involved we count every minute, even injury time, so yes some might seem a little higher than what you'd think.
Antonia, Assombalonga and Darlow have played the most minutes, and the newer boys like Kane and Gardner have some of the lowest minutes

If we look at this graph, which shows the percentage of the overall League games played by each player, so we have kept checks on minutes played by every player. The likes of Veldwijk have low mins played as they always play as subs coming on for short burst.

When you consider the above, and then think above things differently, the next graph shows us some interesting facts. What we have done here is take all their mins played, divide by their games played and get how many mins they play on average. As we said we take into account injury time, so Darlow will have more than 90 mins as keepers will always stay on. So it also considers players who have been out. We then put it against the blue diamond, which shows their percentage of all mins played all season.When we previously ran this there was a distinct pattern. But now its more varied as we bought in new loan players. There are the obvious dips which show the players heavily used as subs, Ince, Paterson and Veldwijk, but as we run from left, those players who have played a lot, we can see some of the injured players who spike in the middle.

The below table shows the players who have league experience, and then what their individual win stats are.  Those in green have stats higher than the team average of 29.6% games won. Those in red have lower than the average, There are some obvious examples. Vaughan and Veldwijk have not played in a single win all season. Not one. Wilson has a very low win rate, as does Ince. There are those who were injured earlier, Reid and Cohen who have much higher win ratios. 66% 

The graph below is the same as the table above but in just a graph format. It shows three very high stats, as McLaughlin has a number of wins under his belt. Hobs and Lascelles stick out too, so maybe we should partner them up.