Data Visualisation of Match Performance Stats

Been a long long time since we updated the statistics database. So after updating the match stats here are some of the graphs and visualisation that data produced.

A simple graph of Championship performance illustrates a point. Although right now we think we are inconsistent, the latest form has actually equalised our performance over the season. With equal numbers of wins and draws and the remainder being draws. 

This is further shown in the following graph. Where Home and Away are exactly the same records. So in essence it shows over the season we are completely averaged out.

If we then take a look at the results by Possession stats, that we have broken down into 4 sub sectors. Perhaps its an illustration of how we play, but we lose more when we have more possession in games. Accordingly we win when we have slightly less of the ball. So basically if we don;t try and and control a game we do better. When we let the opposition have the ball, then we get better results. Possession football is not our forte.

Taking those possession stats above and then running it through Home and Away games, we can see again we win more when we have 46-50% stats again. We lose away from home when we try to control games. As the more possession we have in away games results in defeats.

Next we look at the result based on first goalscorers. An obvious pattern of if we score first we seem to win emerges. If the opposition score we are far more likely to lose, with draws its a lot more varied.

 If we run that same analysis with home and away factored in, then it shows if we score first away, we are likely to win. Additionally the opposition score first Away from home a lot more than us. And at Home it's balanced

So a few quick basic graphs to get back into the swing of analysis. It shoes definite patterns. We are better when we have less of the ball. If they control the ball we hit on the break more. We can;t control a game. And similarly we need to score first. But things are balanced across the season