Data Visualisation : Goals Scored

Here is some graphical work on the goals we have scored. Scorers, types of goals, and area of the goal we have scored in.

We will be looking to break these by player next week.

First of all a percentage break down of Home / Away Goals. Its pretty much even. Not a lot more to be said about that. We score equally no matter where we play.

A break down of scorers shows what most of us will already know. Assombalonga and Antonio have scored the majority. Fryatt and Lansbury are the only other ones really contributing. It possibly contributes to the issue that we rely on these players. The midfield isn't scoring enough goals to drive the team up the league as well as the strikers.

The Breakdown of goal method shows that most goals come from shots. The next highest majority is headers, and then volleys, with penalties last. There are now direct free kick goals notably

Combining the two above graphs, we have a break down of scorers by the method they use to score. So for instance Antonio scores more often by shooting, whereas Assombalonga has a variety of methods. 

What we have next is a heat map of where the goals are scored from, in a break down of the main areas. The majority are close range goals, with a number in the 18 yard box, which relatively few from outside the box. It could illustrate the lack of midfield goals, that there aren't too many ranged efforts.

Additionally we have a heat map of where the goals are scored into the net. The bottom corners are the most common place we score, with very few in the top middle.

Assists wise, Antonio dominates the figures. Only Lansbury even gets close to a handful, whilst Antonio has 9.

A heat map of assists shows from range figures are equal, but corners are only from the left (all Lansbury) in swingers. They also if a cross come largely from the right, and in many cases a knock down from right sided crosses that occur in the left side of the 18 yard box. 

Finally for now, assists method by the side of the pitch it comes from. As said before, crosses, lofted or low, just about mostly come from the right. Set pieces all come from the left, as inswinging balls.