Promotion Still Possible?

So there's been a lot of hand wringing in my month or so off from blogging by many fans, angry at the bad run of form. Younger fans, and by that I group together the under 25-s saw a large number of them calling for the managers head. Few older fans thought the same, the Cult of Psycho holds strong. What united a number were the belief we had missed the boat for promotion.

We are always told wait till Christmas, only really then can you start to read anything into the League. Christmas is a week away. And form has meandered still. However, we remain in easy striking distance of the playoffs.

That said there remains a number of fans openly calling our hopes of reaching even the playoffs never mind promotion as being just a dream. It’s almost as if they have forgotten every season we have been in the Championship. You can be adrift in march and still make playoffs some years. All it takes is a decent charge.

The playoffs most concede are eminently possible, and remain as good a hope for promotion as anything else. But when you consider a number of high flyer's are traditionally smaller clubs you’d maybe have to consider that a long season will take its toll on smaller squads, although Burnley disproved that last year.

So all it takes is a good run of maybe 6 wins in a row, 10 unbeaten, something like that, and we’d find ourselves ensconced in 3rd or 4th place easily.

However the team has been misfiring as we know. Something is lacking. Pearce has been working hard to reinvigorate the players and we saw with early form he knows how to do it. Had this been a manager who has shown no ability to ignite his players then I’d be worried, but Pearce has done it before and can do it again.

These teenagers calling for his head need a reality check. No manager will care more about succeeding. But then they can get stuffed. One of my heroes manages the club he was a legend at, and its all good still. Anyone calling for his name doesn't respect the history of the club.