Further Losses to Injury to Test Squad

Hobbs - out till new year
The news that both Jack Hobbs and Andy Reid are out till 2015, and Cohen as we know is out till next season will mean there is extra pressure on the squad in place.

Both of these are of course bad pieces of news. Hobbs is a commanding centres half, and Reid is the creative lynchpin in the side.

But what will it mean? For one it might mean Laing is bought back from his County loan (which I believe is due to expire) He has played well there, gained valuable match fitness which could stand him in good stead.We also still have Collins and Halford.

But it seems increasingly likely that will be forays into the loan market. We will do a round up in the next day or so of targets, but for now, most of the names being bandied around are pure conjecture or wishful thinking.

The likes of Osborne will be forced of course to stand up and take these chances, and the youngsters often do. Osborn has looked bright when featured, but its extra pressure on a young pair of shoulders. Jorge Grant too if no one else arrives will see extra game time.

It’s a good job we started with a strong squad as we’d be looking at a crisis already. We have very good strength at centre half, so we might get away with the cover we have there (especially if we bring Laing back) but the midfield is already looking a bit makeshift. It’s why we struggled to get goals, and it’s why we concede.

It’s all in the breakdown of play in the midfield. If we hold possession we can force chances, and the likes of Cohen and Reid retain possession very well. As much as Tesche, Lansbury etc. can do a good job, we are one injury or suspension away from really struggling, and we know that Lansbury is regular name in refs notebooks, and the position and role Tesche plays means he will pick up bookings.

So it’s key we bring in a bit of extra help in midfield, and for me one holding midfielder and one creative one. Names? I have none right now, but in the next day or so we will look to do a round up.