Britt's Got Talent

For the first time in a long while I feel excited by what a Forest striker can do and achieve. I missed the season of Johnson and Harewood tearing it up, so it;s been a long while, probably Campbell and Pierre that I've seen a striker who genuinely seems to scare the opposition. Earnshaw was good, but this kid is above that for me.

When we signed Britt, a host of fans of other clubs balked at the idea of what we spent on a League One striker unproven at this level. But clearly the homework was done on such a big buy. The management and scouts and staff knew this boy was special. So it needed a special fee to get him in. And yeah, it cost a lot, but when you top players, you pay top fee's.

Assombalonga celebrating against Derby

The fact he is still only 21 is slightly scary. We have a striker not even at his peak. Humour me for a moment, but Stan was 22 when we signed him, and a look at a few others in semi recent history,  Campbell 25, Earnshaw 27, Tyson 23.

Now I know it's been 2 months of the season. But the fact is he is on fire and proving his last season potential right. Just look what Derby fans are saying. When we got him they were laughing at what we paid for a "League One" striker. They know go on about how he will soon leave us for a better club. That may well be but we will still have had a good season, and I'd argue make a healthy profit.

There are those suggesting an England call up could and should be nigh. Thats a little premature, but why not? Keep this up till February or March and give him a go. or we could lose him to Congo, where he was born (I Hope not, theres an African Cup of Nations around the corner and I don't fancy losing him for a month.)

Britt celebrates his hat trick goal v Fulham

Heres some stats to back up the points

Championship Top Scorers. Britt is way out in front (taken from BBC Sport)

8   Assombalonga   (Nottm Forest)
5   Grabban  (Norwich)
5   Leadbitter   (Middlesbrough)
5   Vetokele   (Charlton)
5   Ward   (Derby)

So already he's out clear of the others.  Lets look at his goals in more depth

a) Goal Method.
A mixture. Mostly shots, but he's good with his head and has netted two penalties

b) Goal Range
This makes him look like a poacher. And as such he has been. But he has been lethal. Give him that chance and he will score it.

c) Mins Scored In
His goals have been equally shared out over the whole games. Theres not one period in particular he scores in.

d) Where the Goals in
 Britt keeps his shots low. Only one has been in a top corner, the rest have all been down low.

e) Mins per Goal
Bare in mind this is altogether including injury time, and not based on 90 mins a game. With that in mind and considering on average our games have lasted 97 mins, Britt scores roughly every game. A goal a game is brilliant in anyones language. The table and the graph show the same thing in different formats.