Breakdown of Forest Goals

Here is a breakdown of the goals that we have scored so far this season in another of our breakdowns we are periodically doing. There is a lot of data we are looking at here.

a) Goal Scorers
As we all know the top scorers are Assombalonga and Antonio. Lansbury and Fryatt weighing in with 2 a piece. It shoes the goals are getting shared amongst the forward players.

b) Goal Methods
Apart from the one penalty, the goals are pretty much down the line of headers and shots. There has been no direct free kicks of volleyed goals. To see a majority of goals from headers feels weird for Forest.

c) Goal Range
A little graphical representation of where we score from on the pitch is showing a bit of skew to the left of the penalty area, There's a few close range goals also

d) Scored by Foot
Only one left footed goal has been scored. This discounts and doesn't show headers or own goals. Very interesting the vast majority are right footed goals

e) Where in Goal
Yeah I have tried to put in a shadow goalkeeper to improve the visuality of this data. It shows our goals are spread all around the goal, and not just one area we score in

f) Scorer by Method
Here is an array of where the various scorers has been plotted with how they scored. Its quite interesting to see this breakdown. Antonios are shared, Assombalonga has variety like Lansbury.

g) Mins Scored in
There are two chunks of time we seem to scoring most in. 21-30 and 66-75 mins are the most common periods for goals.


h) Assist By
Antonio and Hunt have the most assists. There are a few amongst the rest.

i) Assist From
It shows that the majority of assists are coming from the right, but when they do they come from deeper. Assists from the left are relatively closer in.

j) Assist Type
Lofted Crosses make up a huge majority of the goals. There are a few short passes, and the rest are shared out

l) Assist By Player and Method
This is where the assists are coming from player wise and how they are getting assists