Transfer Gossip Round Up (12-08-2014)

Since last week's double swoop there have been all sorts of new rumours flying round. The beauty of it is none of it is substantiated. It's just silly season and a flippant comment or an aside starts taking on a life of its own.

Here's a round up, some of its quite ridiculous, but as usual we take each rumour going round on all the various sources at face value, and then laugh at it if it's stupid.


Wilfried Zaha

Couldn't not start here. I have no doubt we may have made an approach, possibility just seeing what the state of play is. But in the last 48 hours he's been imminently about to sign and be unveiled almost constantly. It's always seemed farfetched, that a guy with the promise and the potential he has, and the fact that last year he cost a lot of money that we're even linked. But then we apparently nearly got Bale once. A lot depends on who else is in, and what United want to do. If they sell there will be lots of interest. He'll go for half the price he did a year ago, and so premiership clubs like Southampton will see it as a great investment. Even on loan, surely the likes of Leicester, Burnley etc. would want to have a pop, and not have to resort to a Championship club, but you never know.

John Fleck
Also yesterday was rumoured to be signing, for around £350,000. That’s interesting as a Sky Scouting report from a few years ago had his potential value at £35mill, though I think that’s somewhat outdated. Robert Fleck, the former Norwich stars, nephew, he plays as a midfielder, but he used to be used a striker, so one assumes, and I did some lazy research that he's an attacking midfielder, in the guise of a Lansbury type player… He's 22 and would still have time to progress. Fairly cheap.

James Wilson
Another Manchester United striker, the 18 year old made his name scoring two on his debut versus Hull last season towards the end of the season. A loan move would be I the offing for the youngster, which would give an extra option up front. United will want him to gain experience for his development, we'd get a player with bags of potential and any deal would be fairly inexpensive.

Patrick Bamford
Although he looks nailed on for Middlesbrough, he is once again linked with us on loan. Simply because he started his career here I suspect. HE would be a good addition, but I fancy Chelsea would want guaranteed first team football, something I don't think we'd offer.


Jamie Paterson
Based on nothing more than he was an unused sub on Saturday and that we were rumoured to be in for Zaha people put two and two together and decided that Pato was off out on loan, with absolutely no suggestions from any credible source this was true. This rumour then went a little bit viral with people then retweeting it was happening. THERE IS NO SUGGESTION IT IS.

Henri Lansbury
Still linked away, still rumoured to want out, but then also rumoured to be happy. What is obvious is that his value from this point will start to reduce. We'd still get a good price in January, and if things look bad then that really would be the last chance to get a good price. Burnley still linked, but if say West ham or Southampton came knocking I'd expect Henri to sit up and take more notice.

Dimi Evtimov
Had one loan deal fall through due to Welsh FA rules dictating that any loan to Wrexham from us would have international clauses. That means basically no recall clause. We wanted one, deal fell through. That said we'd still look to get him a club to continue his development.

Danny Collins
Couple of league One clubs linked with taking him off our hands. Can see that definitely happening. Clubs linked include County and Sheff United so plenty local opportunities. Likely to go, and if not in window, on loan.

Greg Halford
As above. Can leave it he wants. Sheffield United have been linked, but that’s about all.