The Shock Sale of Darlow and Lascelles

So the shock news yesterday that Lascelles and Darlow are no longer contractually Forest players and next year will join what will now be their parent club Newcastle has sent many cats amongst the pigeons.

Karl Darlow

If you thought that was bad enough was the news that Stuart Pearce had not sanctioned the deal, felt it was below value and didn't even know it was going through till Jamaal Lascelles said he was off to Newcastle for a medical.

It all seems incredibly untidy, it all seems a mess, and it all seems terribly Fawaz.

I will always support those in charge at Forest. Unless they were a horrific asset stripper like the Oystons at Blackpool, I tend to think any such decision has to have been made for sound business sense. I am a positive supporter. I don't like to boo, I don't like to get on the players back, and neither do I think hounding the guy who is in charge will achieve anything other than disaster.

But I can't suss this deal out, and its timing. On the eve of the season it just horrific, it throws disarray into the camp, the fans start with a cloud over them. It just creates unhappiness. If the first few results go the wrong way I genuinely fear the crowd will turn on Fawaz, who has retained excellent fan relations.

I have no doubts this deal represented sense to Fawaz. He gets a fee, but he keeps both players for the season. Both players are replaceable, and both players kind of went for market value there or there about. But it just doesn’t sit well that the manager was out the loop. That promises about keeping players had obviously been made.

I don't want to say it, but it once again raises the spectre of just how rich or how much money does Fawaz really have? Perhaps he just felt this was business sense. 2 players whose value will drop. A large up-front cash instalment. And the opportunity to keep them for the year. Looks sound enough.

But there's the fact various larger figures had been bandied around. Now you never really know the structure or payment plans of these. The infamous £4 mill QPR offer may have been over time, may have included fees for appearances, survival, international fees or sell on fees. This is straight up cash if rumour is to be believed, so has no bolt-on's or questions over amounts.

People who have valued this pair much higher (&-8m a piece) are wide of the mark. Birmingham sold Butland for £3.3mill and he was more highly rated. Redmond also left them for less than £2.5mill. They need that year of Premiership experience to start adding that extra £5mill on, but surely still we could have fetched around £8-9 mill for both. And I'll say this because it's two players we are losing. Not one, so to have 2 players in the same deal surely you’d want extra recompense?

But what really irks me is that Pearce didn't ratify or even know. It's the old problems of Fawaz/Manager communication. It appears he acts on a whim and then considers the manager. Whether that be signing Algerians, or selling top youngsters. He probably feels he got a good deal. A large cash injection and both players still at the club. I'm pretty sure there's no malice intended, but that he just doesn't get how it works yet. Communication is key.

It will be interesting to see how this all unfurls.