The Continuing Efforts of Some Fans to Discredit Fawaz

Last week after the Lascelles Darlow sales it become open season for 24-48 hours on Fawaz again. A lot of opening of old wounds to discredit the owner, usually from the usual sources of mistrust. A core of Twitter users, one or two LTLF users and Vital. Good old Vital, the home to misery since whenever it opened.

The fact is there are some fans that openly dislike Fawaz, and have done since day one. With some I suspect its deeply ingrained racism. They just don't like any of the following, never mind owning the club

a) a foreigner
b) a Muslim
c) a foreign Muslim

So basically that’s an initial core of people's reasons for disliking Fawaz straight away. It's completely insane and ridiculous, but hey, he'll never win them over.

Then there are the other types. Vital several times have had people suggesting that they know "know" the moneys about to run out. That he's actually broke. That it’s a ruse. etc etc etc etc,

The fact is they have nothing to base this on. There's this whole myth that Fawaz just relies on families hand outs that’s based on hear 'say or opinion, there is absolutely no basis for it, yet the myth perpetuates because, well with Forest we always want to believe the worst. There's always feeling of well it looks good but it will all go wrong. We have to have some of the most pessimistic fans around.

Let's be honest, there is more evidence to suggest he is rich than he isn't. People cite the late payments, the slightly comedic running the club in old days. But that merely indicates that there is complete disorganisation, not a lack of cash. Say what you will about Fawaz ability to run the club, I for one don't call into question his ability to fund us.

But there are those who will openly create discord. Someone on a forum claiming we'll be finished by January, that’s when the money runs out. And then claims they have an inside source (again, as said before if this is to believe everyone working at the club is spilling the beans) that reveals all to them. They try to make out everything is a conspiracy, that they are some kind of sleuth uncovering the web of lies, rather than maybe just taking things at face value.

The thing is it gets to a point where you can sling any old crap at the wall and it starts to get believed by a number of people. This isn't helped by the admittedly embarrassing stuff that went before. The hiring and firing of managers, the George Boyd thing, the media bans, late wages due to bank holidays in Kuwait, unpaid bills etc. Yes it's not ideal, but then the immediacy of how its jumped on by people, especially in the media as a way to be all, let's all laugh at Forest.

There are numerous reasons. Munto at County. The Venky's at Blackburn, Vincent Tan at Cardiff, the procession of penniless "billionaires" at Portsmouth. Hilarious foreign owners and the silly things they do. It sells papers, it keeps people gripped. But there's always one they like to focus on. Don't get me wrong, it is important to illustrate what they do, but a lot seems to come from ignorance of how football works, a lack of research, and an inherent distrust of something "new". Leeds and Cellino and Wednesday with Mammarov will also be next in the scope. Notice how Vincent Tan and the Venkys are gradually moving off the back pages, because they are learning the ropes. The same will come with Fawaz, but there always remains that element of incredulity at how things are/were.

Notts County fan are desperate to see us go tits up. It saddens me that a clubs fans who went through all that are so keen to see it happen to another club. But it just strikes of their bitterness. Derby are also quite keen for it to all be proved a sham, but for obvious reasons. I've seen their fans come on Twitter and say they'd love for Fawaz to keep up fucking us up, but let's be honest, they wouldn’t even be playing us if it wasn’t for Fawaz, we'd be in league One, maybe League Two doing a Portsmouth.

The forthcoming CEO appointment will appease a lot of fans who seem to think one is essential. Hopefully someone who can realise we need to maximise non match day revenues. There is so much potential at Forest that we simply don't fulfil. The longer a CEO isn't appointed the more it will annoy some fans.

For most they don't care. We never knew or cared about the intricacies in the past. But social media and all that means everyone wants the inside info. So everything is analysed.

I for one as long as the good outweighs the bad can forgive him a few errors. There are those who jump on everything, and they will never be happy, even if we got promoted.