The Bipolar World of the #nffc Timeline

The past few days has seen such a fluctuation in the emotions of your average Forest fan. I have several times had to delete an article I'm working on it's subsequently been shown up as wrong. Whether that be a Transfer Gossip article where I was dismissing the rumours of Lascelles and Darlow leaving, or then looking at potential moves of Antonio and Assombalonga but deciding I'd leave it a few hours and I didn’t want to keep looking up how to spell Assombalonga, which now I know I keep typing Assombalonga (spell checker is going to hate that one)

But it'd been an odd few days. We felt cheated and robbed by the selling of the young stars, especially when Pearce said he had no idea. It was tempered slightly by the news we were keeping them for a year, but even so it felt bad. It felt like we were getting found out for having no cash. It was all going wrong, and if Lansbury had gone open revolt would have occurred and I'd have feared for Fawaz had he shown up on Saturday.

Instead no, we've broken the 17 year old transfer record for a young up and coming striker (crucially who scored more than 20 goals which fans were obsessed with) and the pacey winger (pace another thing fans called for) Michail Antonio. It's almost, and I do stress almost, like Jamaal and Karl who?

The shipping out of Cox and Mackie only pleases some fans even more as a swathe of fans simply don't rate them, for what it's worth I feel Mackie still had something to offer, but some of the reported figures for his wages make him worthwhile to be shot of. Cox is another striker we have killed and who came here looking promising and delivering little. (join Garner, Djebbour, Dobie, Miller and Derbyshire in that camp)

But the complete differing views few days apart have been entertaining from a point of view of where largely I sat back and watched, thinking this will play out somehow. Thought I didn’t expect like that! The depths some plumbed were ridiculous though. People claiming relegation would follow, and that Fawaz was a charlatan. Derby fans came to mock, ad all did look worrying. But at the end of the day we hadn't lost any players, we still had them. And now we have two more with that money, though those baying crowds from Derby have tried to carry on mocking it feels a little hollow (especially when your entire transfer kitty got blown on a player now crocked for the season)

Things look good again. The good feeling came sweeping back. Fawaz can feel smug, with an air of "see told you it'd come out good" whilst their usual miserable trolls try to spin their own rhetoric it increasingly looks tired (and at times borderline racist). I can feel a belting season coming on.

Heres some choice cuts

From Just after the Shit hit the fan

Too just around 24-48 hours later