Is Henri Next?

Following the somewhat deflating transfers of Darlow and Lascelles to Newcastle, the latest rumour is that Henri Lansbury will be next out of the door. However the reasoning's are quite different.

The suggestion is Lansbury is stalling on a deal at the club, which keep player departures will surely now have been exacerbated.
The thing is he is 2 years into a 4 year deal. His value will start from now on tail off rapidly. If we want to sell, and for maximum value now is the time.

There will be those fans on Twitter, and largely the lesser intelligent type who say if that’s the case leave him to rot, or just keep him and run deal down, but that negates two facts and two vital elements of football.

Firstly, whether you like it or not, and increasingly with FFP, football is a business. Books need to balance. Players have values. You sell at peak value. So if Lansbury value merely tails off to nothing, with us having to show an even balance book, the pressure is to sell to lessen this impact. Also you want to get the most you can for any product you have to sell.

Second is you don’t want a highly paid unhappy player on your books. He will not foster a good atmosphere or a happy camp. And we know all too well the effects of an unhappy squad. So if we have a player dissenting, get the hell rid, no matter how good they are. Nottingham Forest will continue no matter who leaves the club.

Lansbury is one of my favourite players. The rumour is he's happy here. The fact that’s its Burnley chasing him helps. If he does leave it's said he'd want to go back south, rather than a fairly nondescript northern town in Lancashire. That said it'd be Premiership money. Double his wages and the chance to shine on the biggest stage. He's a young lad and only human.

The figures involve are between £4-5 million, and with his record with long term injuries it might as represent excellent value. Again like with Darlow and Lascelles its suggested cash up front will get him. Replacing him would be extremely hard.

*After writing this and waiting to upload Fawaz has issued a statement where he directly addresses the future of Lansbury. Aside from saying he rejected a contract which remains an open offer, Fawaz says Henri's time to decide is now. For me this clearly indicates if he doesn't or won't sign, we will sell.