5 Hopes on the Eve of the Season

1) We will finish top 6.
Andy Reid may have said we will finish top, but he has to have give off a sense of bravado. But I am supremely confident of a top 6 finish for the Reds. Where we get and how we do in a playoff setting, that’s another debate, and for now without seeing too much of anyone else I just have a good feeling*note, I have a good feeling every season, bloody optimism. I Know we all hope we all do well, but this season is the one where I think it’s a turning point.

2) Injuries stay away
It became too much of an excuse that we used as a comfort blanket, but hopefully the injury crises of the past season were a perfect storm and stay away, and we keep a balanced squad. Constantly citing the injuries (although valid) makes us look like pathetic excuse makers to other teams. Hopefully the fitness gods will smile on us.

3) The strikers start well
There's nothing more annoying with Forest in seeing fans get on a strikers back after he hasn't scored in a couple of games. They go on barren runs, and take time to settle. So lets not write off three new strikers before any of them get going, especially Veldwijk, for whom this will all be a steep learning curve. And we all know to well that a striker low on confidence is something our crowd tolerate and encourage…. indeed, the fact we have a few options, especially with Blackstock too means we can rotate if needs be.

4) The Stadium naming gets resolved quickly
I think the sensible majority looked at the half billion news report and thought it seems a little far fetched. I just hope this gets closure soon or it will be something we continue to wonder about. Whether we are naming or not, lets get it our the way, and with sponsorship too. We're clearly starting without one which surely devalues any potential deal.

5) Fawaz stays patient
He's shown a trigger happy approach to managers before, but if you screw over Pearce then you will lose a vast swathe of fans forever. Davies polarised fans as it was so his removal wasn't the frenzy it might have been. Just wait it out and don't try and second guess the season. The ebb and flo and even if we're 11-12 in January, doesn't mean its time to press the big red button.