Why Do Our Fans Press the Panic Button So Readily?

To be fair it's a minority and the large majority of fans are level headed and see last night's result for what it was a friendly. A glorified training exercise and experimentation, but there are those who are deciding to write off the season before we've kicked a ball. These are the same fans that if we win 3 in a row will declare we might as phone the bookies up and demand any bets on Forest to go up and paid in full there and then. They are the archetypal knee jerk reactionaries.

But the thing is, are we worse than other clubs. Apart from those with glory hunters tend to think at ties we are. I haven't noticed many Championship clubs fans go nuts over relatively trivial matters. Most other clubs fans are level headed. Yeah you see people who support the big clubs from afar doing similar over reactions, but that’s because they haven't got a clue about actually following a club, and their whole self esteem rests on 11 men far away doing well.

There is a core knit few on Twitter who seem to cultivate a culture of pessimism and distrust. Some do it deliberately for whatever reasons they do that. Some just seem to try and minutely dissect every detail of every bit of news. They swing from result to result on emotions and how they judge players, and fail to look objectively with w idr scoped lens over a longer period, living game to game. It's stupid. Football isn't like that. Theres a reason the season is so long. So these things balance out and the best teams overall succeed.

A few things for m have nurtured this underbelly of highly strung over the top fans. Being born too late to see the great successes, or even the late 80's early 90's success. Hell for some it's even seeing us in the Premier League. They are so starved of seeing their club succeed it seems to rip at the fabric of their being. Demanding to be able to experience those days. Almost resentful they never did.

But that’s being simplistic and only a few. Some will rely on personality, but a lot is modern football, a lot is a chairman vocal and present on Twitter, and a lot is how the club has been run for years, not just under Fawaz.

People now think that there is almost a direct voice to the ear of Fawaz that if they tweet him, then he will listen. I absolutely dread to see the dross that must get direct messaged to Fawaz. 14 year olds wanting trials, keyboard warriors telling he should resign, Derby fans pretending to be Forest fans and all that kind of crap, but its worse when you see grown men having a go. You should know better.

But yeah, one defeat to Rotherham yesterday with a defence that will bear no resemblance to the one that starts against Blackpool and Pearce seeing what some players can offer and trying different combinations of players and everyone goes crazy.

I suppose it means there's never a dull day of the Forest timeline or gossip wise, but some of our fans re seriously nuts. There's someone who used to reply to my posts on the Facebook group regularly who was the most negative person. You’d be in 6th, lose one game and he'd say we play like that again we'll be relegated. One defeat and the whole thing come crashing down in their eyes. These peoples blood pressure must be sky high!!

The trolls are just annoying. Trying desperately to get attention, and usually getting it. Someone will always respond in kind. I tried a different tactic of merely just pointing out they were trolling rather than start a debate, but any attention is good, so your best avoiding the obvious trolls. (Regular Twitter feed followers will know exactly who, but I don’t want to publicise them or give them the time of day)

To echo the famous and now ubiquitous posters…. Keep Calm… and... Well Support Forest I guess.