Transfer Rumour Roundup - 09-07-14

Been a while since we did a roundup. To be honest rumours were few and far between, but it's starting to pick up again now. Here are the latest in and out rumours. As usual we take these from forums, twitter, Facebook, and the rumour sites. None of these are what we are Forest 24-7 are saying is possible, but merely a roundup of what others say.


Christian Bolanos
Fresh from a successful and almost fairy-tale World Cup for Costa Rica, comes the news we are in for Christian Bolanos. Fawaz has apparently in a Kuwaiti interview said he is interested in the midfielder. Bolanos is the guy who wore the lightly weird bandana thing, and up till recently has been playing in Denmark for FC Copenhagen. He nearly came to England several years ago with Charlton but was refused a work permit. That said, I have just translated a news report from Saudi Arabia that suggests officials there are close to agreeing a move (here) . So who knows?

Garath McCleary
Lazy this link. Seen it in a few places, and all seems to merely stem from, he played well for us, left, and things haven't gone fully as planned. Thing is McCleary is close to home and likely on highly inflated wages since he was with us. He wouldn't be the same deal. But Forest surely must pull his heart strings as where he broke through. Can only see this as people pining for the past, and that it won't happen.

Peter Crouch
Seen this twice, frankly I don't believe it for a second, but it's there. Crouch wages will be extremely high, and besides we have our huge battering ram striker now. Crouchy has quality, remember that goal the other season, but he's not completely out of favour at Stoke, and another lower Prem team would surely look at him for a year or so, I don't know, Like Leicester I guess.


Jamaal Lascelles
Hardly a rumour, but there are clubs again competing for the defender. At which point our resolves is truly tested I'm not sure. Every player has a price, and should QPR, Tottenham or any others offer enough, we would accept, but it will be probably be a club record received figure to do that.

Karl Darlow
As well as Lascelles these pair constantly gets linked. Young English talent always will. Host of clubs being mentioned with Darlow, Arsenal this morning in one place, But Spurs again linked and a few others. Like Lascelles we are in no rush to sell. Again he will have his price that we'd give in at, but it won’t be cheap. The only way this will be pushed through is if Darlow wants out. There are suggestions (without base) he is starting to get unsettled and wants to move up.

Simon Cox
Couple of Championship clubs linked. Bournemouth and Leeds are names I've seen linked, especially as Leeds now have £11million burning a hole in their pocket. Anything north of £750k would probably seal this deal.

Radi Majewski
I saw a comment on Facebook, on another page that Majewski is starting to make noises about moving back to Poland. I think this looks made up, and the fact his wages here probably dwarf what most polish teams pay, but that said, he's been out of favour for a while. Pearce might bring him back out the shell, but I can believe Radi would welcome a move to say a Second Tier Bundesliga side.