The Myth that Fawaz Doesn't Spend

I've seen this myth perpetuated around Twitter and forums in the past, and although most decide it isn't worth the time of day it carries on from certain trollish quarters on twitter. (Most #NFFC timeline followers will be aware of who I mean) consistently suggest that no money is being spent.

Here's a table and graph to illustrate a few things

And because people like pictures

Obviously, this seasons spend is an ongoing process. And a chunk of a budget, not that there is a set budget, just ask Fawaz and he will do the rest is our transfer policy, has been spent on paying off Djebbour, but the past two years have shown certain patterns. We spend more than we get in transfers wise. But an overall spend of £10million.

The old myth that was perpetuated was that of the Gunter money funding it all. That is now an ongoing joke of Meme proportions on forum, about any spending being all about the Gunter money. Never mind the fact we spent double what we got in that season/.

What we don't consider in any of the above are loans. This is used as a way to chastise and suggest we are cheap because we aren't forking out fees. That’s either extremely stupid, extremely short sighted, or so biased it's untrue. For one loans aren't free. Yeah, it's not exactly rocket science is it, but any time we loaned someone I got fed up last season and people saying it's just us being cheap. That forgets a lot of top Championship teams did the same, and Watford built a whole team that was nearly very successful on that model. Jenas and Chalobah are two such examples. Neither was cheap, both had high wages that were funded or part funded for the duration of their loan, yet are derided as cheap options.

And also with loans when you consider that people also moan about a number of longer terms contracted players just hanging around for paydays it stops that. It really is a case of you can't always win. You can't have both sides of argument win out. The thing is a loan is getting a quality player but without the risk of being stuck with him on a 3 year contract. Yeah if he's a success they'll probably go back to parent club, or you might get gazumped on an offer, but to treat it as a cheap option? No. You're often getting, if a senior player, a guy who is earning too much for his parent club to want to keep him just a reserve, so seek to reduce those wage costs by loaning him out. So they are expensive wages to be considered. If it’s a season loan there is likely a loan fee to be paid up front.

So those figures of a net spend of £10million, that’s a low end figure. It doesn't even begin to consider the higher wages we will have taken on (See Abdoun, Djebbour etc.) The real figures will be much much much higher, and with Fawaz bailing us out the tune of around that figure again each season, he's probabaly spent best part of £50-60 million. Not bad for someone who's skint and a chancer.