So Long Radi

Radi Majewski

Any regular readers will know I'm not the biggest Radoslaw Majewski fan in the world. So many people try and tell me "what about his technical ability" or other such quasi intelligent stuff they think makes them sound football geniuses. The fact is for 2-3 seasons, Majewski has been peripheral, and ineffective. You can have all the technique and class you want, but if your not performing.. well, times up.

Yes he scored some great goals, and grabbed hat tricks in a couple of games, but that’s all a few years ago, and includes a handful of games across 4 seasons.

When we first signed Majewski, on a similar loan to what he's on now, one of the things I remember reading when we got him was that the club shipping him out in Poland didn't think he was consistent, often went missing, but ultimately was talented, but just didn't show it enough. Sounds remarkably familiar no?

No doubt Huddersfield will be a good move. He needs to leave, not just because I don't rate him, he's a handy sub to have around but his career is just wasting away here. He'd just sit out his contract playing 12-20 games a season, starring in a few to make you think finally he's clicking, before ultimately going  wrong again.

I used to sit behind,  before they moved , some extremely staunch fans of Radi. Bless them they thought he was key to everything, and in his first season and a half maybe he was. But then his form dipped, McGugans peaked, and you can't really have the two of them in one side. For me as well it's an extra sign we are moving away from seeing that side that twice fluffed their playoffs lines as the be all and end all. With Moussi and Majewski gone it feels like we are almost finally in a new era, one that’s taken a while to throw off some of the old deadwood.

As for the view of his technical ability, that’s all and well at times, but whilst people say technical players, for someone like Iniesta, or David Silva, you need to have both the eye for the pass and the ability to pick it out. For me Majewski has the eye, if not always the ability. It just seems a slightly built attacking midfielder gets grouped into this camp all too easily to play the ever so in vogue number 10 role. In a smaller pond that is Huddersfield, he will no doubt succeed, but when he has players like Reid, Lansbury and Vaughan playing in the middle of the park, hi preferred role means it'd all get a bit clustered and crowded in there, negating the point of his role, to pick that ball through to the on running striker.

Yes, we used him incorrectly at times, playing him in that role with just a target man to aim for, rather than an Earnshaw nippy striker to try and play in, it didn’t really ever work. But then doesn't that indicate a certain one dimensional player if you need a definitive certain type of combination, and not a player who can adapt and change the system they play in. Not every team was able to be broken down by that Majewski-Earnshaw type combo, so to adapt and change was needed.

Majewski in happier times

I won’t be surprised to see Majewski actually do well. Given a new lease of life and something to prove. The talk from Huddersfield is that they see him key and might use him as an attacking fulcrum, and fair play he can play that role with the right strikers. But on the same hand if it doesn't work he offers nothing else. As a central midfielder, he used to get lost in the physicality of games, and his tackling ability is as most Forest fans know, very limited. For me he's a luxury type player.

I genuinely wish him the best as he's been a loyal player, and has never really moaned about being excluded. So he is professional, but I won't miss the 4 games in 5 he used to go missing and rely on the fifth game to secure selection for the next games to then be anonymous again.

Hell, he might even be back; it is a season loan after all. If the loans a success no doubt it'll be made permanent, and if it’s a failure, he will be jettisoned on a free like we are trying to do with Abdoun.