How Fawaz Buying a New House Weeds Out Some Idiots

Fawaz al-Hasawi has bought a property for £4million near Burton-on-Trent. Great news that he has the loyalty to buy a local property, closer to Nottingham than his Mayfair property, and a huge financial outlay, surely under lying his wealth.

That’s what a sane fan see's anyway. There is however out ever present lunatic fringe who see this is many things other than the continuing development of Fawaz love for his club and wanting to be closer to it. We also said the other day that the war in Iraq if it spilled over might spell trouble, so maybe it’s a reaction to that. To either have more properties to move to, or tying up some loose finance in property to keep out of any hands should a bank fall.

There are the following points I have seen on Facebook, twitter or forums. I have no doubt some of tongue in cheek, whilst others are deadly serious, the problem is at times it's hard to tell when reading a timeline at face value.

1) He should have bought in Nottingham
Interesting point. However, a quick search on Zoopla with a filter on houses with minimum 8 bedrooms and worth upwards of £1mill to £8mill gives this list.

Now most of these are not in ideal locations. Fawaz clearly wanted a country style retreat, rather than in the City. The rest are blocks of flats, or in Sutton-in-Ashfield. None of which he'd want either. So that rules them out. Other expensive retreats didn't have enough bedrooms, as the al-Hasawi family is quite extensive, with a likely large entourage, so would need more than 5-6 bedrooms. That’s before you'd consider guests. So when you idly throw around reasoning like he should have bought in Nottingham, and without a cursory 5 mins research I did, you're simply incorrect. The opinions weren't there, but if it suits your agenda fine.

2) That money should have gone on players.
It’s the same as when Doughty donated money to Labour and fans moaned, or when Doughty did anything involving cash really, it should have gone on players. But why? It's their cash. We all spend a decent wedge of our own money on Forest, whilst also shelling out for other things, so why not Fawaz, it's such a ridiculous statement to make. Next time you're buying anything, if this is your argument, and then ask, well I should spend this on Forest. Ridiculous argument. But again others would suggest if he really wants us at the top h should put all hid funds towards it. These people are almost always idiots. No doubt should we fail to go up, and by a small margin they'll find a player or two in the £4mill bracket who may have made the difference. So what?

3) We'll sell players to fund it!!
The same day it's revealed he bought this mansion, it's revealed QPR have offered exactly the same amount for Lascelles. How lazy would it be to just link the two? Well very lazy from some because they have, rather than actually consider to events happening concurrently might not be connected in anyway. Its baseless and a dangerous contention to try and put out there. We won't be selling players to fund his lifestyle. He already has a lavish lifestyle before coming to Forest.

4) It's not to be closer to Forest, merely an Investment
Perhaps, the value has recently been dropped £1mill apparently, and a 20% drop in price is a bargain in the shops many would look at it. And so what if it is only an investment? It shows financial acumen and sense that the same people claiming it's only a deal use as a stick to beat Fawaz with over his handling of Forest at times. So what if he sells is for a profit in a few years? Will it really change anything to do with the club? No, it won't, so using this as a potential point to detract is so misguided and short sighted as to be actually borderline retarded.


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