French Magazine Article On Forest: Translated

Hattrick magazine in France ran a feature on Forest recently. After a very loose translation some interesting things came out where they spoke to Guy Moussi.
Here we summarise what they say, and those Moussi quotes and what they indicate.

Although the translation service didn't quite run true here's an excerpt
"But already last season, everything seemed to go on the same plane. Al Hasawi had drawn the checkbook and Billy Davies had the ideal profile to raise the club after leading the playoffs two seasons ago. Scottish technician got what he wanted in terms of transfer. The club recalled Kelvin Wilson (28 years old, central defender) who was the patron of the Celtic defence who had stood up to Barcelona, added the experienced Jamie Mackie (28, winger / striker) to its line of attack and sealed all with Djamel Abdoun (see his identity card), triple best passer of the Greek Superleague. The atmosphere is in good shape, but the closing day of the transfer window, Adlène Guedioura, boss midfielder left for Crystal Palace. Misunderstanding through the workforce. "
It seems to suggest the sale of Guedioura created a few issues, that the club and players were unsure as to why or the direction after this.
It goes on to say
" Guy Moussi, who played from 2008 until the end of last season for Forest, says: "The opinion within the group were very mixed as to what I know, he was not ready and especially wanted to leave. "That adds up to a complicated integration of recruits, Djamel Abdoun. For Moussi, Algerian international "did not have the support of the staff and the group." This situation is true in the field since the biggest salary club participates sparingly to the excellent early season Reds. Suddenly, worries remain under bell, except with reporters that excludes at Davies As the season of his press briefings."
At this point I'm not sure if its still Guedioura, or I think Abdoun who wasn't ready, and maybe wanted out and this created problems with his integration or the fact we sold Guedioura creating problems for Abdoun. But it does say that it made life hard for Abdoun, we started well, and he'd barely played and yet was the highest earner. It creates bad atmosphere for the players. They played well and now this guys getting forced in.
"The unease grows yet internally. Guedioura has not been replaced, Davies wanted Leadbitter (Middlesborough) or Dorrans (WBA) and had to settle for Chalobah loan from Chelsea. New blow in November with a knee injury Chris Cohen, captain and best player of the club in 2012/2013. Cohen is out for the rest of the season, thank you and see you next year! 
 They quote Moussi again
 " A situation that summarizes Guy Moussi: "I think the group did not work in a calm, because there were too many players in the squad. Most players were experienced players. At one point, when you work with a group that includes 30 players experience, it is difficult to generate a positive atmosphere within it. Indeed, there are too many players disappointed and frustrated at not being in the starting 11 on the bench, or in the same group. So for me, this negativity generated all these injuries"

So in essence there are too many senior players. This creates a bad atmosphere of those being left out and festering. how this creates injuries I am unsure. Whether fringe players were going hard in training to get in the team? I don’t think would intentionally injure each other, but if they all fell out who knows? What is apparent is that it seems there was a definite discord.

The next passages are quite an interesting read
But in the meantime arrived Kevin Gomis (Nice) and Rafik Djebbour (Olympiakos). Players that we quickly understand that Davies does not want. Just like Abdoun, they are little used. We now understand that these three came by the will of the president, but not by that of the manager who placed his cousin-agent Jim Price in the organization of the club"" But the era Davies did his damage and Brazil can not rebuild in the rubble. Forest defeats chains conjugated to zero for two months and twelve games. Guy Moussi sees a totally divided group, a victim of Al Hasawi / Davies war: "There was a war of clans whose victims new foreign recruits, and even at the end, the former foreign players including myself. "
Forest finished the season coasting. Guilty of an attitude not quite perfect according to Brazil, and Abdoun Djebbour - who are the biggest salaries of the team - remain in the stands. The interim coach prefers to trust youth academy as Stephen McLaughlin and Ben Osborn, while Tyler Walker (son of the famous Des Walker) grows to join. In the end, Forest finished 11th after spending most of the season in the top six places. The only comfort fans will see QPR beat the Derby wire final play-offs"
Moussi makes the suggestion that ALL foreign players were frozen out. If you think then Majewski was also largely absent. Now I get the Algerians weren't Davies signings, and Gomis was a little confusing. Moussi got some games but was usually terrible. So Moussi may see it as maybe a little like jingoism, but there might be something in it.

" Scheduled departure Djebbour and Abdoun
Today, Forest is back to square one, but it seems that Al Hasawi has swept its front door and realized his mistakes. After searching for a name on the bench, he decided to build on the tradition surrounding himself with old glories. McGovern Ambassador Pearce's manager, his assistant Steve Wigley and Steve Sutton, Jack Lester and Nigel Jemson at the academy have all played for the club under the golden reign of Brian Clough. Necessary for Guy Moussi initiative: "It lacks Forest a number of people, and around the club head, which pulls the club towards the same direction and the same goal." With the recruitment and appointment of a future technical Director Al Hasawi attempts to delegate after demonstrating that these networks were limited in football.

This for me is one of the main interesting things that Moussi says and it echoes what a lot of others say. That there isn't enough Forest leadership, that the club aren't pulling all in the same direction, which is being corrected. It definitely seems there was a disjointed hierarchy at Forest. 

For now, Matty Fryatt gruff, Dutch giant Veiljwik and hope Louis Laing joined the club. Djebbour will return to play in the south of Europe and Abdoun should follow suit. In a peaceful atmosphere, the former coach of the English U21 will work with a group combining experienced players like Andy Reid and Kelvin Wilson to young people which it decided to bet: Jamaal Lascelles (20, central defender who panics Premier League) goalkeeper Karl Darlow or Jamie Paterson (22, winger / forward).

Pearce also did not hide. He deliberately took the model of Leicester (champion 2013) that spending 440,000 pounds ($ 7.8 million deal with books Forest) is mounted stabilising its workforce over two seasons. Legends know sometimes also be wise, and that, Forest will have to learn."

That the French can see what many others have said, that the club can;t buy success, you need a balance of youngsters and top players. What Moussi said about the large squad being unhappy seems like now with youngsters relishing first team rather than expecting makes for an exciting time ahead.

Moussi may be gone, but what he said is interesting. Maybe he hasn't seen it all correctly, but its the first time we've heard a voice from the inside of the camp under Davies speaking out. 


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