Where We Are At

I decided to look into the situation of where we are at right now. There will be further arrivals and departures of players and off field staff in the next month or two, but where do we need improving, or where do we look fine.

Off Field

Board Level
We have a committed and eager owner who wants to get us promoted, that much is apparent. He is however a guy who makes misguided decisions at times, and is possibly easily convinced by strong personalities (Billy Davies) that what he feels is necessary is absolute paramount. Hopefully Fawaz has learned his lessons about handing over so many key decisions to those with direct vested interest. That’s why the CEO important has taken on such attention for a role many usually care nothing about. Problem is everyone's an expert on what they think needed. All that’s needed is someone Fawaz trusts but can also work with Psycho

Backroom Staff
Pearce has in Brian Eastick and Steve Wigley who he trusts. Further coaches will surely be added in the next few weeks fleshing out his back room staff to around 5. A Head Scout has been installed who has been at Fulham and England. Whether this ex colleagues like Walker or Laws remains to be seen. He may want a somewhat Forest connection alongside him in dressing room, or even ex England colleagues.

On Field

We have an extremely capable but in demand young keeper in Darlow, and the true pressure will be if we can match his ambitions. Do we take an offer and run, or try to hold on, after all, every player has his price. de Vries is a capable deputy even if he's had his howlers, and Evtimov, well all we have seen was 10 mins v Leeds where he was no doubt shaky and nervous, but still kept them out.

In the centre we have strength, and barring an injury catastrophe again e should be fine. If we do decide on a change of shape, then even then Collins and Halford should cope with the odd game, but Pearce may went to add another name to the mix and shift on what were o'Driscolls men. At full back we have two left backs, but would probably require one more as cover, possibly at right back.

The triumvirate of Lansbury Reid and Vaughan are second to none in this division. The question is one or more are missing from the team. The likes of Majewski may well be moved on, and with Osborne appearing on the scene, there is still the case for an extra body or two as cover, perhaps a Premiership youngster. With the departure of Moussi, there is a need for a physical player for that kind of hard game, but just one who can is positionally aware would be nice. We've lost basically most of the cover from last season, and it needs sorting out

With the signings of Veldwijk and Fryatt the options have been bolstered. Cox and Henderson remain, and its believe Djebbour might be too, though there will be a desire to move him on. Whether Pearce deems Pearce and Henderson as surplus is still in the air, and both might be moved on (though Cox would be requiring a transfer fee one imagines. We know nothing about Veldwijk and it may take time to settle.

The Stands

How exactly the new lower Bridgford area works out will be interesting. Fans have bought tickets in their droves, though some groups (Vital) have caused problems with spurious made up rumours from the head of some of their users. This needs to stop, with the constant desire to be first with info, never mind if it's fake or not. Fans need to have patience in the new season where the new regime may take a few games to settle in.