Veldwijk Deal On Hold

First off, let me explain where I am with this. I am not doom and gloom and declaring another "Verhoek" type affair. Veldwijk has probably sensibly not make a snap judgement to sign and is mulling over options. That may well be seeing other offers on table, and on a personal note for him, this is a big move, so he needs to do what is right.

At 22 although still young, if this move didn't work out, he could be 24-25 and having to step backwards. Meaning some vital development years and chances to move up are gone. On a personal level for him, he wants to be sure he

a) Gets game time

b) Is at a club where he can showcase talents, and have a chance to level up

c) Is he sure he will be able to be happy here

Now that seems like basics. And it is, but it's something he needs to be sure rather than the first big offer that comes along. If he takes those few days to make a decision that’s positive then the entire better. He wants to be here and seems sensible enough to have thought it through. Similarly, if he decides against, we weren't stuck with an unhappy player whose agent forced him to take the money ahead of footballing reasons.

Plus it shows the club have made an offer that isn't silly money and accepted at the drop of a hat, but isn't as low as to be rejected, it's being considered. Plus we're time saving by getting the medical done when the doctors in doing Fryatt's anyway (tenuous I know)

It's not as if this deal is dead, or like Djebbour called off last minute. He's weighing up options, and I for one see that as a positive.

The latest news is that the are technical issues to iron out and that an update within 24 hours is likely.