Transfer Gossip (25-06-2014)

It's all gone rather quiet on the rumour front. There are no major rumours circulating at the moment, and even the Darlow to Spurs one has seemingly gone quiet for now. It will ramp back up that one, as will I expect the Lansbury exit links. There is nothing in them mind, pretty much everything is blind speculation, but where there is smoke, sometimes, there might be a little fire, maybe just a burning ember of truth.

We look at the forums, Twitter, Facebook, and Rumour sites to see what people are saying might happen. Remember as always, we are not saying any of this will happen, it’s a roundup of the more eccentric loons, but you never know.

Cyrus Christie
Right back with Coventry, who is 6'2. Right back is a position we may look to bolster after Jara departed. He is 21, and is available, due to his contract expiring. Due to Coventry having nurtured and developed him, any transfer would involve a compensation fee, which would be in the £100-200k area.
James Tavernier
Right back at Newcastle, who at 22 should have really broke through. Had a number of loans before, successfully last year at Shrewsbury. Would act as cover for Lichaj if came in.


Simon Cox
Everyone's favourite scapegoat, what with the new strikers coming in, Cox could well be moved on. An Irish international, there are those who might wish to take a punt, what is unclear is how much of his transfer fee might Forest look to recoup? I could see him moving for a fee in the region of £500k, meaning a substantial loss, but not a complete disaster. I think Cox's time at Forest has had a damaging end, to the point it may be irreparable. Fans have turned on him, and he has kind of lashed out back on Twitter which is never a great sign. It's whether a club look to take him on.

Ben Osborn
After breaking through last season, the club want the youngster to get more first team action so are perhaps looking at finding him a loan. Chances will be hopefully fewer with the return of Vaughan, Reid and Lansbury, but the club don't want this to hamper his exciting progress. No specific clubs have been mentioned, but League One would look likely. Perhaps someone like Chesterfield, that’s nearby, and will be looking to build on their successes last season.

Danny Collins
Very tentative links and mentions of clubs maybe looking at taking on former captain Collins, who if Wilson and Hobbs are back, and with Laing joining will be well down the pecking order, and likely to move on. Ipswich was one club mentioned. Collins as a stage where first tem football would be a huge bonus, rather than wasting away in the reserves and seeing his career evaporate. I think it's likely he disappears this summer.

Rafik Djebbour
We covered in depth on Monday about Djebbour options, but in a nutshell AEK want him, but can't afford him.