The 5 High and 5 Low Points of the Season

So in a little bit of soul searching, here I will look at what personally for me were the high points and low points of the season. If we look at high points first to at least cheer ourselves up.
The High Points

1) Forest 5-0 West Ham

For me this was simply perfect. Admittedly not a first XI from the Hammers but still featuring a number of internationals and well known players, and featuring players who had cost a fair few millions to bring in, it's not quite the Leyton Orient reserves the Derby fans wished to make it out to be. This game also signalled the true arrival of Paterson as a first team regular and as a fan favourite.

Hobbs Scores Against Derby, and the midget albino gets mardy

2) Forest 1 -0 Derby
Well at least we got this win over them early on, which was further improved by the subsequent sacking of Nigel Clough. This was a great day. Hobbs goal giving us the win felt good. We were doing well, Derby weren't. The downside of course is everything subsequent and it being the catalyst to bring in McClaren who completely turned the season around.


3)  Forest 2 - 0 QPR
I personally can't stand Harry Redknapp so this was hilarious. Again when we were rising on the crest of the wave this felt like we could beat anyone in the division. Further embellished by the hilarity of the Reid offside goal and the subsequent QPR meltdown on Twitter (including Joey Barton losing it) was brilliant. A beautiful Boxing Day


 4) Forest 4-2 Watford
Amazing because of the comeback from 2 goals down where many fans were grumbling about how wrong we'd got it, but then we got it oh so right in the second half. The goals we conceded were bad, but the fight back was supreme, and the 4-2 win was easy in the end, with Mackie and Henderson rising from the bench to seal the winners.


5) Half time at Bramall Lane
I'm going for a specific point because at this point we felt like everything was coming up Forest. Great League form, and being a goal up against lower league opposition in the FA Cup Fifth Round, and seeing the subsequent "easy" draw in the next round of a game against Charlton or Sheff Wednesday. We were planning the Semi Final day already. 2 trips to Wembley we thought, lovely. Funny how these things turn out. The second half implosion, which turned into a season implosion.


The Low Points

1) Derby 5-0 Forest
A no brainer. This worst of days pretty much killed what hopes we had left for the season. We'd been dropping points everywhere, but were still in with a shout, and a result against Derby could reignite the season. Instead we capitulated. I'm not capitulated quite illustrates what happened. Surrendered, submitted, abandoned, and forfeited (Thesaurus getting a dusting off). It was just as bad as it could get. Davies subsequently was fired, and the season limped along to a lame finish under Gary Brazil.


2) The Post Davies Managerial Hunt
I'm including this, and so highly not because of what's subsequently happened, but what it felt at that time. It looked like no-one wanted the job, with Warnock suggesting interference, and a number of worrying names mentioned in connection, ultimately it will mean Pearce coming in, but the manner in which it played out looked shabby. It was one of the periods where fans of other clubs turn their mockery on to you. Fans were infighting.


3) QPR 5-2 Forest
Although we subsequently could have made it back in with the right results and made the playoff picture, this was the game that seemingly ended all hope, and after coming back from being behind twice, to then go and chance the game and completely lose out, and on TV was a bad day at the office. I didn't even get to see it live, I was abroad at the time, so it didn't even affect me real time, but getting text updates on what was happening especially at the two I received were "its 2-2!!" and then what felt not long later "Lost 5-2. Season Over" still hurt.


4) Full Time at Bramall Lane
It felt a bit confusing, as the world had felt so right 45 mins before to be confronted with the fact we'd been dumped out the cup by Sheffield United, and our cup hoodoo wold continue.  We'd looked so good, and then just fell apart and let Blades smash us. At the time I thought it was a mere blip. Instead it was the signal of the oncoming season apocalypse.


5) Forest 0-1 Charlton
Out of that entire run of games against relegation threatened teams (Millwall, Donny, Barnsley, Sheff Wed) for me this was the lowest. For some it'll be Millwall, but this for me was the one to stop the rot and get back in there. But we were so bad and created next to nothing. I think we all knew here the game was up, and despite further chances to get the season back on track we failed, but this was one chance of creating momentum with relatively easy games coming up.