Mocking Derby Is All Well and Good...

Firstly, I missed Saturday as I was at a wedding, however when I checked the final score it was to much amusement and I informed the fellow Forest fans there that Derby had lost to 10 men we had a chuckle and thought good, even if it was a bitter sweet moment as I can't stand Redknapp either and the thought of that pillock back in the top flight annoys me.

That said I was immensely pleased to see some of the funny comments and "banter" (I hate the term banter for what its become, time was it meant humourous chat, now its just any old insulting bollocks) the day or two after, a lot of was quite annoying even if some was trying a little too hard, and to be fair to Derby, most took it for what it was worth, fully accepting they would do the same.

I especially was a fan of the "Zamora of this cake" joke on LTLF, and one limerick I saw today was brilliant. But the "thats amore" joke tie ins aren't working anymore now, they got over used quick.

Its Wednesday now, quite late Wednesday, and still you see a certain kind of demographic (kids) still blathering on about it as if it was fresh.

And the same jokes keep getting rehashed.

And now some fans want to have a Zamora day, and get some QPR flags. That's just ridiculous and really, really sad, and cringeworthy. Again, mainly kids want to do that, an you can tell by sure its half term, and a damp one on Twitter this week. The tedium levels are sky high. If anyone has a Zamora shirt on when we play them next they need to look at themselves. Hard.

It needs to get a line drawn under it, and let it lie for occasional giggles till we play them, and get on with the new season. problem is till the world cup starts and signings start there isn't a lot else to talk about. So it's going to stay around for longer.

And the problem is, as the torment, and the annoyance festers with Derby fans minds, some of the more immature or idiotic have started to try and go to their one place they know they can provoke reactions to feel better. The problem with that is that place in plumbing depths of desperation to be downright indecent.

To start bringing up a lot of the Doughty chants they used before is just ridiculous. There was never a time or place, and now really isn't it especially. It just smacks of someone trying to get some last vestige of abuse back at Forest fans. Problem is in the hands of immature knobs that just comes of as sick and crass.

So before this gets more ridiculous lets move onto to other speculation, otherwise we are going to look quite sad if collectively we are still mocking a result a few days later.... AND I know they did it for ages with the 5-0, bit we're better than that lot aren't we? Please say we are, we aren't so low as to mock the dead.