Deadwood Cleared from Forest

In completely expected news the out of contract players have universally been let go. The loan players have also been allowed to go back to their parent clubs apart from pre negotiated deals for Vaughan and Fox.

Ishmael Miller, Matt Derbyshire, Simon Gillett, Marcus Tudgay, Guy Moussi, Gonzalo Jara, Rafik Djebbour, Kevin Gomis, Lee Peltier, and Jonathan Greening are off. That'll be a hefty chunk of wage bill removed.

Depending on how he looks to improve, you'd hope to see those wages reinvested in younger hungrier players. The Davies method of experienced players from higher up has failed. The 10 going are a mixed bag of manager signings however, from McClaren, O'Driscoll, Davies and even Calderwood.

If you believe the forums and gossip it's an estimated £100k in wages for them alone. Money that can easily be used elsewhere (that’s a lot of young players) or enables new deals for the likes of Lansbury.

This is before possible sales of high earners like Abdoun, Blackstock or Cox or middle earners Majewski and Henderson.

There has long been an imbalanced wage structure at Forest. Waves of new players coming in on higher wages than top performing players as new signings and not performing.

This leads to disgruntled players feeling unfairly treated. This is what led in part to the problems of the McClaren Cotterill era. Morgan, Chambers, Lynch Anderson etc. felt upset that their good performances were not rewarded by having much lower contracts than new signings Miller Derbyshire and Greening. An imbalance.

The same has been said that Lansbury hadn't like falling down the wage structure. Being a top performer he has apparently been upset at not been suitable financially rewarded.

Hopefully a new era of a better pay structure and grades can be sorted out, instead of in the first weeks of the al-Hasawi era the desperation for decent players led to inflated wages being added to the bill. So we'd have a core XI on first team wages and a number of others on lesser deals. This leads to fewer cases of players on fat contracts not being bothered about performing or being hungry enough.