We Are All Enraged....Apparently

According to the Daily Mail anyway. They some tapped into a collective psyche of all Forest fans and came up with something that’s ridiculous, even for the worst waste of space newspaper there is. Charles Sale regularly gets mentioned by Mediawatch on Football 365 who shows up some of the more ridiculous opinions or comments in the media. Sale features at least weekly in there with his views. This more than anything speaks volumes about his worth as a journalist.

That they think all fans are enraged that Pearce isn't stating to July is odd. Some fans aren't completely happy, but we aren't blathering on about it on social media or forums constantly. We accept it for what it is and look forward to his coronation.

But why would we be not impressed that someone not contracted by the club for another 2 months dares appear at an event that doesn't hamper his ability to do his job? Is it any different from when other managers do punditry work on TV? Not in the slightest. In fact it gives some fans an opportunity to meet their hero before he takes on his role. Surely that’s better than the likely alternative of doing some dragged out Talksport FA Cup final coverage? And had he taken the job, earlier do we really expect he'd have honoured this commitment and not cancelled or pulled out? This is the most ridiculous case of non-news I've seen connected to the club as a dig in some time.

And what the hell is that sly dig about more venerable sports stars? Stuart Pearce was a hero for England and captained them 10 times in his 78 caps, managed Team GB at the Olympics, and that’s before he talk of his club heroics. How's that less venerable than a bloke who only played 3 times for England? (And who I had to Wikipedia to know he was, Paul Reaney)

Thy really do live up to the Daily Fail tagline.

And to save you the bother of going on their site, here's the article.

"Stuart Pearce’s decision to appear at an autograph fair next month will further frustrate Nottingham Forest fans upset that he is waiting until July 1 to take charge at the City Ground.
Pearce was appointed Forest manager at the start of April but said ‘family reasons’ would prevent him starting until pre-season, denying the team any chance of the lift from his arrival taking them into the Championship play-offs.
The former England Under 21 boss had already signed up to work for talkSport at the World Cup.
But Forest supporters will not be impressed that Pearce has chosen to attend Collectormania 21 at the MK Dons’ stadium in Milton Keynes on May 17 when he might have been preparing them for a play-off final a week later.
Instead he is due to sign autographs at £15 a time or have his picture taken with a collector for £25. Other more venerable sports stars due at the event include Brian London, Earnie Shavers, Frank Bruno, Sir Geoff Hurst, Gordon Banks, Jack Charlton, Paul Reaney, Joe Bugner and Jimmy Greaves."