The Battle to Keep Lansbury

We spoke about this in January, and this summer it will rear its head again. After some brilliant performances and what with him still only being 23, he is likely a man in demand for a great deal of Premiership sides.

Burnley was one such side being linked today, and it's hard to see why they wouldn’t be. Also clubs will know the Lansbury situation. He was talking in January of wanting a new deal after sliding down the pay scale following last summer's acquisitions. If a new deal isn't forthcoming it will surely turn his gaze elsewhere. Any of us would do in his situation if you’re a top performer for your company and not paid accordingly, you'd be looking for potential new employers too.

Furthermore with 2 years on his deal, although it's not a short term, this summer or January would be the last chance to get maximum price for Lansbury. Clubs and agents would surely know this and use this as a tool for negotiating. As a carrot to dangle to Forest, if you don't accept this offer now, the price will simply diminish, until next season where we'd be in a poor negotiating position if we kept him.

Any why shouldn't we? He's been a top performer. Pearce is coming in who knew him from Under 21 days. He is one of the stars and a fan favourite. The club are progressing as such, even if the league position hasn't. Lansbury is still young; it's not like Guedioura where his top flight chances will be disappearing so has to take the chance now. He'd still have his very best years there if he waits another year.

But footballers often don't think like this. There will be those who say why go to Burnley, it's not a nice place, it's not a big club, might as well stay where, they'll be relegated. Well as with Guedioura, we all thought Palace would go down, look what happened there. Next footballs changed. If he went there and shone he wouldn’t stay for his contract, you'd move up again. Another better team would come in if he succeeded at premiership level and Burnley was relegated. Moving there would be a chance to shine.

Lansbury isn't like Lascelles or Darlow, in so far as having come through our youth system. He owes no real loyalties. And yet no doubt if he leaves there would be some call him a Judas. This would be ridiculous. Some fans seem to think players of high level ability should stick here for eternity and ever try to better themselves. This is ridiculous. It only seems to be not matter if they came through the system like when Reid and Dawson went up the divisions. That’s ok, we made them, and they're going to be Forest products excelling elsewhere. Yet if a player even looks like leaving who we signed then they're branded a mercenary.

If we keep him, and I say I hope and pray we do, Henri is a player who would be integral. Reidy is
who makes us tick, but he will start to fade in the next 2 years as the years catch up with him. Reid
will be the one who uses his ball playing talent whilst Lansbury would be the box to box midfielder
doing all the running, with hopefully Vaughan if not him then Cohen.


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