Strikers Goal Per Minutes Played Ratios

I saw someone raise an interesting point on Twitter questioning who had the best games per goal ratio and it set my mind thinking about this. Because I have a day off work today and not a lot else to do I went and worked this out.

For the sake of this excercise we have excluded cup games. Additionally we are only including attacking players (be that an an attacking midfielder or a striker) and not deeper lying midfielders like Reid and Lansbury. The complexity comes from the time of Halford up front, and the fact his data would be skewed by defensive performances, so I have also missed him out.

This all about the strikers.

By totting up all the minutes played (excluding injury time, so for this only 90 mins are counted) and then dividing by the goals scored here is the list from the top of who has this season scored the most goals per game.

Tudgay 19
Derbyshire 133.5
Henderson 153.875
Paterson 249.125
Cox 262.125
Djebbour 270
Mackie 780.75
Miller x
Blackstock x

Now obvious caveats have to be mentioned. Tudgay really has to be excluded from really looking too much into this. Despite having a very healthy minutes to goal ratio, it comes from one substitute appearence. Miler and Blackstock between them total around 1 match complete game time. Djebbours entire game time amounts to 3 matches worth of minutes. (I don't want to consider the mins played per £ paid ratio)

So therefore Derbyshire has been our most effective striker. A goal every game and a half. The surprisingly Henderson has the next best record. Cox only scores nearly every third game, as did Djebbour in overall time. It feels unfair to have Mackie look so ineffective when he isn't always an out and out striker, but he often plays advanced so has to be included. Amongst all these players had had the most game time (3123 mins) Whereas Derbyshires goals only come from 801 minutes of football. Less than 10 games total time. Paterson also had a very high minutes played time compared with the rest of this list.