Psycho and Forest Perfect Match

And so next permanent Nottingham Forest manager will be Stuart Pearce. This is new that I am sure every single one of us has been watching this develop with interest. Psycho is set to return to where he became a legend.


And it feels like a perfect time and a perfect appointment for both. Both Pearce and Forest need reputations to be mended. And both maybe perhaps unfairly tarnished. I'm not quite sure if this is what sacking Billy was going to develop into I'd have sided with it, but I am willing to embrace it.

Pearce hasn't the greatest managerial record. But neither did he always have the right tools at his disposal. Nor always the patience of his paymasters. Will he get that here with the now tagged as trigger happy Fawaz, he has too. As the majority of fans demand it. This isn't just anyone, this is Stuart Pearce, he demands respect, he earned it over years putting himself on the line for the Forest cause. He loves this club. You can't accuse him of using it as a career springboard, he wouldn't do that to us.

The only people I have seen vocally against this are those too young to understand the hold he has on fans, or those who seem to think we can get hold of managers frankly so far beyond our range to even mention them is laughable.

For both it's a good time. Since the England U-21 team were dumped out in Israel of the European Championships last summer he has been out of work. The England team there admittedly performed badly but in previous tournaments had done quite well reaching the latter stages. Pearce bemoaned the fact that he was without many of the best players he could have had (being fast tracked to the senior team) and also criticised a lot of the players for not performing. Having turned up with an attitude of this does nothing for my career.

And he may have had a point. To be fair the performance in a tournament like this does not make much difference on a players career at all, so it could be true. That said they must all know they were being watched and any such player snobbery would surely be fed back about their suitability to take away to major tournaments for the future.
Forest need leader more than someone to use skill and nous. We have those skills, what we need is motivation and a kick up the arse. We have two of the most gifted midfielders in the division who can dictate virtually any game at this level, what they need is direction, they have the raw ability. As Clough said, they don't need to be coached, they're professionals.

So Pearce needs to rebuild his reputation, somewhat harmed by his England experience, and his time at City in a very turbulent period at that club just prior to the Thaksin Shinawatra period, and preceding Sven Goran Eriksson. The time will be remember for a record low home goals scored by a team in the Premier League, with just 10 in his final season, and the signings of expensive flops like Giorgios Samaras being used to show this. Pearce had at first got City firing, but they slowly saw that spark fade.

Forest is a perfect home for that. A core of fans will pretty much never call for your head, or pressure the chairman to remove him. So he has time and fans patience. The club needs to be given its soul back after Billy Davies regime basically all but changed Nottingham Forest to Billy Davies FC, with all but the money being under his control. Fans although they liked the results under Billy were indifferent towards the end of his tenure. He just rubbed that few too many people the wrong way. When you hear the views of even neutral sources (and not just journalists) no-one says they were shocked. No-one mourns his loss. And so for this we were becoming a hated club. It was his show. Now Pearce understand s Forest comes first. Their success, and not Billy Davies.

Who he surrounds himself with will be interesting, his assistant was always Steve Wigley, or whether he brings in in someone like Brian laws, an ex-team mate, and former manager and out of work. Laws has made his availability known. It could work. A lot of call has come for others to of that era to come in to support, but that's over simplifying making a back room team.

The club needs its soul back. Pearce will provide that, a link to the previous days of success and a legend in fans eyes. Pearce just needs to find a right fit to get working.

Let's at least give it a go, we have discussed this for years in various channels. Pearce at Forest feels right, and we are both ripe for each other again.