Was Billy Reluctance to Use Abdoun and Djebbour A Contributing Factor


There has been some comments around on forums or Twitter and suchlike that a huge contributory factor was the reluctance of Billy to use the players signed without his say so. Although when things went well Davies said he had full say over transfer policy, these noises were much quieter in later times.

It was said a few weeks ago that Djebbour and Davies had fell out over something. It was a mere flippant comment on a forum, but seemed to be that random that it must have come from somewhere.

The strong rumours circulating of the potential manager needing to accept interference from above on transfers has seen the spectre of Djebbours arrival and its potential part in Davies demise.

We all know Davies is a strong willed character, and it could well be that a contributory (and we stress contributory and not the sole or only reason) for Davies being removed is his insistence on using the lies of Halford upfront instead of the newly purchased Algerian international.

If I was Fawaz I'd potentially be annoyed that the striker wasn't being used ahead of a utility man. Djebbour has crediility. But Davies may have using him to make a point of team selection or about selection, and Djebbour, unhappy a defender got picked ahead of him (after all he is a costly import and was top goal scorer in the Greek Super League)

But then Fawaz isn't the manager and should remember that. For all he makes these signings, and silly season is starting on new rumours that he needs to leave it to a manager to choose players.

Neither should we be overly alarmed our chairman would do this. It happens a lot elsewhere, to varying degrees of success and happens all the time in Italy or Spain.

This isn't why Billy lost his job, but more a contributory factor. Billy lost the job on the field, and in his head, and perhaps, just trying to spite his paymasters' insistence on signing players, he also paid.  Remember, Billy before would often be offered players under Doughty only to turn them down because they weren't his choice (or in George Boyd's place even play him half the time, and Boyd's now in the Premier League)

Chairman aren't managers. A lot think they are. But neither are managers businessmen who know a good deal or that having something foisted upon them isn't a bad thing.

I guess we will never really know.