The Great Derby Ticket Sales Debate

I get extremely fed up of the whole debate between Forest and Derby fans about whose is the greater support. It's pointless and dull. There are myriad reasons why either team might have more support than the other. Both sides with valid arguments.

But it's pointless. The only people I ever saw bothered are those fans on both sides more obsessed with the "enemy" than their own clubs. Both have those type of fans.

To try and belittle the other club on the strength of away showing (as we have done often this season) and how they cite greater home attendances, its all swings and roundabouts in increasingly pitiful lame attempts to out do each other.

So I'm trying to put to be the same old issue. Not to prove a point, just to try and stop seeing it dominate the pre game "banter" (I hate that word). It frustrates me from both sides as it takes over twitter some days.

Derby fans have been mocking because in the few days leading up to the big game we have a few tickets left. One or two annoying little kids keep saying this means we are a joke of a club without ever expanding on this reasoning, usually just citing the words tinpot or small time.

What the either ignore or fail to understand is that our tickets are not on general sale yet. Neither have they even gone to the general season tickets population, but to those who have been to a number of away games this season. As we have quite a large away following the club are merely trying to make sure the loyal away support gets tickets, especially after the monumental fuck ups they made with the Sheffield United allocation going on sale whilst many were actually en route to another game.

Which is all well and good, but many still try and say this means we aren't showing up. Interestingly Derby's tickets for the away game at Forest went on general sale to season ticket holders with around 500 tickets left, roughly exactly the same for roughly the same allocation. Admittedly further from the match, but after less strict imposing of dates and timelines by the club.

Don't believe me? Here's a screen grab from their website from the news feed taken back to around September 8th.It details exactly what i just said

In fact this all a result of us reducing our away allocation for all away support, and Derby reacting petulantly and even trying to tell fans it was us trying to stop them building a big support and not be so intimidating. As a result we got a similar smaller allocation and have had to implement new strategies for fans wanting tickets to make sure loyalty is rewarded.

What does this mean? Nothing. It means that both sides of a pointless argument are neither winning or losing. It’s a ridiculous embarrassing tit for tat from both sides. Both clubs are roughly the same.

Now shut the hell up and talk about the match and not this whole ridiculous dick swinging argument.