The Demise of a King

King Billy has been deposed at Forest and the man earmarked as his successor has decided to not take the job, opening up all kinds of gossip and vague discussions around Forest.

This of course all came about from a set of circumstance that up to yet we at Forest 24-7 haven't gone into. Why not? Well busyness and the rapid evolution of this story have made me want to sit and take stock.

I like many fans on Saturday evening was angry, and anyone following on Twitter will have seemed where my anger was directed. I lost patience with a man I preached to everyone else to have patience with. I wasn't reckoning on the horrific set of events that panned out on Saturday.

Davies is usually very good at applauding the fans, he knows they played a huge part in bringing him back and has often used them as a tool in his board wrangling's in the past. Using the fans emotion as a bargaining chip by stating if we get "so many players we will go up" and when not given that using that as his rhetoric as to why he wasn't the failure.

Well following a shambolic 5-0 defeat against hated rivals, he turned heels and left pitch side. No marching across to the away support and applauding as he had so often. Perhaps he knew the writing was on the wall. Surely therefore he'd give his last goodbye.

It was one thing that angered so many fans. There was no admission of guilt. No explanation. Nothing. Just silence. And this was more deafening than anything else.

Arsenal lost 6-0 on Saturday at the same time as Forest. Wenger came on after the game, admitted guilt, apologised. Davies did nothing. Hiding behind the media ban that he has used to create a siege mentality, when things went well, but when things went bad, it cost him dearly.

That media turned, and used him as carrion for their articles. The glee with which his demise has been treated is a little galling, but you can understand the media doing so. He treated them with such contempt, now was his turn.

And so it seemed a quicker successor was in place. The very media savvy Neil "Colin" Warnock. And yet like with Mick McCarthy before, something put him off. Something deterred him from the job. Interference? Selection Policy? Transfer policy? Perhaps. It's all been mooted before, but Under Davies was largely forgotten. Now those question marks resurface.

Fawaz no doubt loves the club. Look at last Thursdays open day, the way he shook everyone's hand and welcomed them in. He isn't after a cheap buck like some suggest. Some comments border on the racist at times. But at times he is like a fan, acting on impulses of the heart rather than the head. An overall strategy needs to be in place. And he needs people who know the game to advise him.

Word is the job was refused by Warnock as he would not have final say on transfers, and the new front runner Gianfranco Zola has certainly worked under such conditions at Watford when he had a lot of Udinese players parachuted into his squad.

There is some conjecture it is Billy's unwillingness to use some of Fawaz signings that contributed to his demise. This is what soured their previously good relationship.

Whether it all comes out in the next few days or weeks is not clear. What is clear is a new man is needed. And that he has a chairman who would very much like his input to be heard.

We will feature more as rumours and suchlike emerge post billy to discuss whats happened and where the club is heading. Stay Tuned.