Stumbling Block As Fawaz Wants Boss To Live Local?

Did Fawaz Want Psycho to move closer?
Following Pearce turning down the job there has been some soul searching amonsgt fans as to why, and a lot of people using this to decry Fawaz, and claim something is clearly wrong if legend Stuart Pearce has turned down the job.

The notable thing is that Pearce turned down the job for family reasons. Considering that Pearce has marital strife a while ago, when it was reported that he'd left his wife for a FA employee, it would point to that he would seem to be back together. They had a family home in Wiltshire, which would be a sizeable commute. Family reasons being cited would definitely suggest he is back in the family home.

Coupled with his rumoured past infidelity after being away from the family home a lot, he might see this as the wrong thing at the wrong time, wanting to stay with his family. He has apparently expressed interest and the distanced self from job, so its there on the table anyway.

Whether he would relocate his family again to Nottingham (one assumes they lived here in the 80/90's for instance) isn't clear. Nottingham would have ties, but so would where they are now. In that essence Pearce may have thought that moving now is problematic with his recent past.

Warnock although from up the road in Sheffield resides in Cornwall. Indeed this quote is from the Telegraphs report on Warnock turning down the post

"Warnock was in discussions with the Championship club for the past 24 hours over a deal to succeed Davies until the end of the season but the 65-year-old pulled out of negotiations to drive back to his Cornwall home."

We all know from before that Billy was commuting to Scotland and back and only took a certain amount of training handing most duties to his loyal deputies Julian Darby and Ned Kelly. Fawaz in his pre-match interview seemed unhappy about how the form had failed to be turned round, and although it’s a leap of faith, he could possibly believe it is down to Billy not being around enough and wanting someone to be local and loyal to Nottingham. It's not beyond the realms of possibility.

Could Fawaz be wanting a boss who lives local? Is fed up of managers phoning in their job and wants them there on the training ground with the team every day? To be around the fans he represents? Warnock might not have wanted to spend most time up here and had his loyal lieutenant Keith Curle running the show in town

I could be wrong, but it's looking a possibility. A lot of this is conjecture. But I thought I'd at least put it out there